Monday, September 17, 2007

Appt with New RE (Reproductive Specialist)

I am too angry right now!

My appointment with the new RE was today:

She started by saying that my E2 numbers on my first cycle was sky high 5200 prior to my retrieval. She said that high E2 numbers can hinder an IVF from being successful. High E2 number effect the quality of the lining...I would be dunn if that wasn't the same thing that I read on the internet and asked my doctor about....and he blew it off like it was nothing. She said at their clinic they cancel transfers when the E2 reaches like 4000 and freeze them all and do the FET with the next cycle.

That was number 1.

Number 2 was she would have never have proceeded with my FIRST cycle without surgery. She looked at my history, looked at the pictures from my surgery and asked a few questions and basically said I think your endo is really bad and it can be affecting your implantation.(In my head I was like I know its bad...I feel the pain every month) She said its something that your body puts into your lining when you have endo to affect implantation and something it doesn't put in there when its not there to enhance implantation. She asked if I knew if my ovaries had endometriums in them. I was like yes they did and she was like are you sure how do you know....I was like he measured them and I had like 10 of them ranging in the size form 9mm to 16mm....and her mouth dropped open and she was like you continued on in your cycle. I was like yes this was my baseline before starting my stims...he took my blood to see my E2 level to make sure they wasn't active and they wasn't so he told me to start my stims. She said did they have fluid in them I was like yes...she said how do you know I said he was measuring them on the ultrasound screen....she shook her head again..... I said even with my FET baseline he was like the endometriums are still there and proceeding on with that. She just shook her head. By this time I can see steam coming out of Adr!@n's ears. He was clearly upset. All these questions we were asking my last doctor and he was just ignoring us and basically taking us for our money because he knew our insurance was paying 100%.

She then goes to do my pelvic know how they stick the two fingers in there and push on your belly??? Well she went to push on my belly and I had to stop in mid sentence to her and about slid off the table it hurt so bad...she was like yeah you have a lot of junk going on in there...I was like so you can feel my endometriosis just from that and she was like....I was fuming by then!!!

But in conclusion she wants to do another laproscope surgery...but she will be doing this surgery herself. She said she will spend a lot of time in there getting it all and out my ovaries so we can go right into a next cycle. She thinks my endometriosis grows back quick and she doesn't want to give it anytime to grow back. She wants me to have my surgery after AF goes off so thats in about 3 weeks and then she wants to jump right into an IVF cycle...she said so I should be cycling around the end of October or so.

I really like her as she seems aggressive in her treatment and making this happen....I'm just so mad I didn't listen to Adr!@n prior to the FET cycle and get a second opinion like he suggested.

Adr!@n wants to talk to a medical lawyer to see about doing something with this doctor that was clearly just taking our money knowing nothing would amount in the we will see what happens with that.