Friday, May 30, 2008

New Poem

To the right --> Check it out. Describes exactly how I feel. Still waiting and waiting and waiting. Trying to remain patient, but that gets more difficult as each TTC anniversary pass me by.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slowly but surely.....

So time is slowly but surely passing by. Even though times seems to be flying by in other areas of my life, my trip to Jamaica and IVF#4 are taking so long to arrive. I feel very positive about this cycle coming up and I just hope and pray that it stay that way. I feel very confident that I will get a good response, and that I will have 3 great looking blasts to transfer on my fifth day. The last cycle I was very mellow, not excited and took all the punches and blows like I was expecting it. Hopefully my TTC break, my trip to Jamaica will all help me keep this positive attitude that I have going.

So when I get down and out, I'm counting on you ladies to remind me of my words. When the devil tries to bring doubt in my mind I quote this to myself, this cycle will work, I'm going to have a great response and will have 3 great looking blasts to transfer. I guess I'll move to the next positive quotes like what will stick after I get past these current hurdles.

Friday, May 23, 2008

So far so good........

Sorry for the long moment of silence. I got an email from one of my fellow bloggeress saying update update reminding me that I need to start posting on my blog again since I'm coming out of my TTC break. Well as I said before I was expecting AF to show May 21st well she showed May 22nd, so we're still looking good to make it before the closing of the RE office in July. The cut off date to start a cycle is June 20th and AF should be here around June 17th or 18th.

Got the results back from the blood test thing and all is clear. She said one test showed that it was off just a little but not one that they were concerned about or one that required medication.

My protocol is the Flare protocol, no suppression at all. Day 1 of my cycle I start Lupron, and the next morning I start 225 of Follistim and then go in for my baseline and continue on with 225 Follistim in the PM. So 225 in the morning and 225 at night.

Still counting down till our 7 lovely nights in Jamaica. June 7th is my 26th birthday and the morning of the 8th we fly out to Jamaica....I'm so excited! I really really really need this vacation.

I have to catch up on all my blogger buddies, because I haven't been reading. So much to catch up on!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Update on me: Talked to DH last night and we're not going to wait till August anymore. He still wanted to but I told him I was ready to do this again. So I figured out some dates and I've got a call in with my nurse to run it by her to make sure its all okay. But I figured that I will take my last BCP on Sunday, May 18th, AF will start May 21st then AF will start again June 16 or 17th after we get back from Jamaica and I'll start my stims on June 17th or 18th with an ER around June 29th and ET around July 4th.

I talked to my nurse and everything is good to go. The only thing I was worried about is that they close the office for about 3 weeks in July for a good cleaning and to allow their staff to go on holiday. But the last date to start is June 20th and AF if she cooperates should be here June 16 or 17th. So that will work out. She'll give me my protocol when I go on Thursday for my bloodwork. The blood work on Thursday is for the test to see if I my body attacks the babies trying to implant. So next month we're back in it. Now if we can get past the $12,000 we have to pay. :roll: