Monday, June 23, 2008

Update from Appt.

I went to the doctor today. Didn't see the doctor but did an ultrasound to check for cyst. Goods news -- I didn't have any -- which for me is great news! Nurse tried to put me on low dose BCPs until the day I came back from the family reunion July 27 (35 days). I quickly shot that down as I didn't want to be oversuppressed like last time. She said I wouldn't be because they were low dose and I reminded her that the pills before were low dose as well. So I'm starting BCPs today and will take them till Monday (8 days). Which means AF should start again on July 3 and then again on July 29th and I get back in town on the 27th. However if AF decides to do her own thing and show up early I'll just leave the family reunion early and come back home. The family reunion is in Charleston and we're driving so if I had to come back early, it wouldn't be a big deal for me. With AF starting on July 29th that means an estimated ER on August 10 and an estimated ET on August 15th. I also told my nurse to ask if my doc thought I should do PGD. Last time we asked she said no, but I wanted to see if she had changed her mind since the last cycle, and if so we'll get PGD done as well. Another $3200 but this is our last fresh cycle, so I guess we should go in it with no regrets. I also had them show me in my chart where it said ICSI all and it was there, so if it don't get done this time, somebody will get sued! So the countdown has restarted.

Update: My nurse asked the embryologist about PGD, he said that my quality last time didn't warrant PGD. However we will take it day by day and if they think its needed when we see what we're working with then we will get it. Its done in office, so making a last minute decision won't be an issue, but getting $3,200 might be!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fumes of Defeat

Called the on call nurse who called my doc. Doc won't let me start even if AF started today because she said I take too long to stim and the lab will be closed. But she wants me to come in on Monday for an U/S to check and see if I have any cysts. Then go on BCPs or something to start IVF cycle in July, but I can't start in July so I'll guess we'll discuss what we're going to do on Monday.

Still feeling a bit sore from the defeat of AF....but o'well I guess its life!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Score: Old Hag - 1 Me - 0

8:00 a.m. - Well the toilet exercises didn't work too well....because still don't have any flow. I did have more spotting when I did another toilet I don't know what to think. Guess I'm out till August. Got a call in to my nurse to see what she says. Hopefully its good news, otherwise I'll be back to update in a horrible mood!

Update 4:00 p.m. - Stupid Hag! Still a NO SHOW! Gotta wait to freaking August to cycle! !$@#*&%$ Clinic opens back up July 15th but DH family reunion out of town is July 24th - 27th so I have to wait till my August period. *#@! And I'm not even spotting, no nothing. I'm so disappointed in my freaking body I can't even explain it. Its sucks to be preparing for something to only be set back months! And I bet you the old hag will probably show up FULL FORCE tonight or tomorrow when its too LATE!

I should just give up on trying to have kids and when I get asked the question just say we don't want kids! I've seriously been debating the option today as nothing ever goes right when it comes to us TTC. *Sigh*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dealing with the old hag

Still no sign of the hag! I have until 4 p.m. tomorrow or I have to wait till August! My cycles are normally 27-28 why this month does my body want to do its own thing? For those of you who are lost. Prior to taking my trip I was on BCPs for 6 weeks 5 days planned it all right to stop my pills and have a complete cycle in between so I can go into IVF#4 with no suppression doing a MicroFlare Protocol. However the clinic closes for cleaning and vacation for their staff in July and the cutoff date to get in before the closing is this Friday.....and if AF doesn't start by Friday at 4 I have to wait till August and that sucks beyond suckiness!


Well I did some toilet exercises and I'm finally seeing some red (tmi....when I wipe). So thats promising....lets me know that my lining is starting to break down and hopefully I'll have some flow in the morning and I'll place the call to my RE. If you're wondering what toilet exercises are....during my hopeful like 1st year of trying when I would think that I'm pregnant and didn't want AF to show and she was due I did not want to do #2 because it always seemed to bring on AF. So all day today I've been eating things that I knew would make me go and even when I didn't have to go I would try to go anyways....and sure enough after a few of those exercises I'm seeing a little red! Plus my nurse told me even if I see a drop to call and I've seen a few so I'm a little relieved that I can now I just pray that my E2 is below 70 so I can start this long overdue cycle.