Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dealing with the old hag

Still no sign of the hag! I have until 4 p.m. tomorrow or I have to wait till August! My cycles are normally 27-28 why this month does my body want to do its own thing? For those of you who are lost. Prior to taking my trip I was on BCPs for 6 weeks 5 days planned it all right to stop my pills and have a complete cycle in between so I can go into IVF#4 with no suppression doing a MicroFlare Protocol. However the clinic closes for cleaning and vacation for their staff in July and the cutoff date to get in before the closing is this Friday.....and if AF doesn't start by Friday at 4 I have to wait till August and that sucks beyond suckiness!


Well I did some toilet exercises and I'm finally seeing some red (tmi....when I wipe). So thats promising....lets me know that my lining is starting to break down and hopefully I'll have some flow in the morning and I'll place the call to my RE. If you're wondering what toilet exercises are....during my hopeful like 1st year of trying when I would think that I'm pregnant and didn't want AF to show and she was due I did not want to do #2 because it always seemed to bring on AF. So all day today I've been eating things that I knew would make me go and even when I didn't have to go I would try to go anyways....and sure enough after a few of those exercises I'm seeing a little red! Plus my nurse told me even if I see a drop to call and I've seen a few so I'm a little relieved that I can now I just pray that my E2 is below 70 so I can start this long overdue cycle.


Kymberli said...

I've been waiting for you to get going again, so I hope that AF makes the crash landing as planned tomorrow so that you can get started right away! I've worked with your RE before back in 2004.

soapchick said...

Did you officially start AF? I hope so!