Friday, June 20, 2008

Score: Old Hag - 1 Me - 0

8:00 a.m. - Well the toilet exercises didn't work too well....because still don't have any flow. I did have more spotting when I did another toilet I don't know what to think. Guess I'm out till August. Got a call in to my nurse to see what she says. Hopefully its good news, otherwise I'll be back to update in a horrible mood!

Update 4:00 p.m. - Stupid Hag! Still a NO SHOW! Gotta wait to freaking August to cycle! !$@#*&%$ Clinic opens back up July 15th but DH family reunion out of town is July 24th - 27th so I have to wait till my August period. *#@! And I'm not even spotting, no nothing. I'm so disappointed in my freaking body I can't even explain it. Its sucks to be preparing for something to only be set back months! And I bet you the old hag will probably show up FULL FORCE tonight or tomorrow when its too LATE!

I should just give up on trying to have kids and when I get asked the question just say we don't want kids! I've seriously been debating the option today as nothing ever goes right when it comes to us TTC. *Sigh*


Bec said...

Oh hon :( That really does suck, I hate it when our bodies don't do what they are meant to do. Don't they realise how much we want this!

soapchick said...

I'm sorry Tashida. I know how disappointing that is. Look at it this way - you get to enjoy the summer a bit more before jabbing yourself with needles!

Kenya said...

I'm sorry hon, I know that TTC is so fustrating. Just stick with it. It will happen for you. Just look at the bright side that you get to enjoy the summer one more months without treatments and schedules.