Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vegas Baby....

In case I don't get to post tomorrow night because I'm doing last minute packing.....WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS!

We leave Thursday morning and come back Sunday night! This will be my first time visiting so I'm looking forward to a little vacation before starting our hopefully last IVF cycle.

Oh yeah....Feb 26th is DH's 27th birthday.

My love.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

$110 + $40(Lovenox) = $150

3300iu Gonal F
45 Vials of 75iu Menopur
30 - 40mg Lovenox Shots
PIO and some needles
Doxycycline Antibiotics
Ovidrel Trigger Shot
Lupron 2 week kit..........

Thanks be to God and DH's awesome insurance. Such a break from our previous cycles that we spent $2500 just on meds.

The meds are picked up....the timeline is getting close....its almost time to get this party started.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Blessed....


I am tooooo excited!

I talked to the pharmacy and ALL my meds for the 11 days of stimming is coming up to $110. God is soooo Good!

Last time we paid like $1500 in meds and this time we are only paying $10 or $20 co-pay for the meds and thats for the entire time I'm going to be stimming.

The $110 includes ALL my meds for the 11 days! Thats 3300iu of Gonal F, 45 vials of 75iu Menopur, Trigger shot, antibiotics, lupron all of it....total $110!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

SHG was today....

I had the SHG today. All was clear. They actually said wow this is one beautiful uterus...perfect....looks much better than most that we see. I was like are you looking at my uterus on the screen....LOL! I was like bout time something in my body works right. But all is well. Back on the 2nd for my biopsy, baseline on March 10th and start stims on March 11th.

They measured my antral follie count today as well:

Left ~ 8
Right ~ 7

I would love to see more as this is an indicator of what can possibly grow, but my RE was happy with the number. He said given that I've been on Depot Lupron for 3 months and such a low AMH number he wasn't sure what he had to work with. But since the antral follie count shows 15 he said thats good and now they just have to grow.

He said he is in full agreement with us not doing PGD and said that we had very good reasons to not do so.

He said he is very excited to see the outcome of this cycle and that things are already looking good.

I asked if we were playing it by ear how many we were going to transfer to see what kind of quality I was working with and he said yes. But he said given my history and pointed to my huge file he had sitting there he said the minimum would be 3 but given the quality we could possibly transfer 4 or 5. He said we have to be willing to be a little risky and willing to take a chance given my history to get us a healthy baby or two but not to endanger myself or the babies and making the news like a certain someone lately.

I can't wait to get started...... Dr. S said he has plans to go through my file again in the next coupld of days to study it to see if there is anything he missed the first 3 times he read through it. He said he just want to make sure he is doing all he can and have covered every basis. I love how thorough he is being and not just giving me the one size fits all technique, that I've been getting in the past.

Please send some prayers to my blogger friend Alison who had some discouraging news today. She too was on the Depot Lupron treatment for 3 months and need some prayers for her 3 that fertilized.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

So I've been very lazy today. Really didn't want to do nothing buy lay around and watch t.v. DH said that he wanted to go out to eat later and I was like okay, but we can really stay here and eat something here. He said no, we're going to Houston's. I was like okay.

So yesterday at work one of the girls asked me what I thought DH was going to do. I said I'm not sure but I doubt that he can top what he did last year. He really went all out last year as you can see here.

But today it was like 1:45 p.m. and I was still laying in bed. DH said can you go let DeeBo, one of our dogs out. He said he wouldn't go out for him. DeeBo is a 5 year old Pitt and the biggest pretty boy you've ever seen. Hate to walk outside and get his paws wet, so if its wet outside he doesn't want to go. However, Precious is the complete opposite. She rolls around in the dirt, goes(#1 & 2) in her kennel (and dog lovers know that dogs don't normally go where they lay) she is night and day from DeeBo. Here they are:

Precious front, DeeBo back:

DeeBo sleeping (He's weird):
Okay well back to my story....>DeeBo didn't want to go out so I was like okay I'll go let him out. As soon as I walk out our room to go downstairs I found these:

A dozen of roses and a Victoria Secret bag with some undies in it. I told him that I know those are for him....he was like no they are for us! LOL! So I gave him a hug and told him that he is the greatest ever.

I go down stairs to let DeeBo out and I find this:

2 dozen of roses and this beautiful card:

He is the most wonderful husband ever.....I am so in love!

Forgot to add:

I got breakfast in bed....not home cooked but from Waffle House...but still very good!

Why does infertility do this....

Had we got pregnant on our own, we wouldn't be faced with so many decisions on what to do.

Had we got pregnant on our own, we would have never known we were carriers of anything.

Had we got pregnant on our own, it is highly possibly that all our kids would have been born with no problems and no issues at all.

Had we got pregnant on our own, we wouldn't have to decide how many to transfer. Do we do 1,2,3,4. What will bring us that baby that we long for?

As if Infertility isn't hard enough to deal with, it has to bring so much more added stress with all the decisions that have to be made. with all the digging and digging trying to find out reasons why I can't get pregnant.....more and more things get uncovered as to why they think its not working.

Friday, February 13, 2009

PGD Stumbling Block....

So I just had a phone conference with the genetics counselor who would be doing our PGD for the sickle cell thing if we decided to go through with it. Well first we were told it cost $2500. Then when I get on the phone with her she says its $3750. I'm like okay, we were told $2500 and she said oh that must be an old sheet. Well um okay. Then she tells me it takes 4-10wks for them to build the test to be able to test our embryos for the sickle cell and beta thal string that we carry. She said she would need cheek swabs from DH and I, his mom & dad and my mom and dad. I was like okay. I told her I'm do to start stims on March 11th and ER will be around March 22nd. She said I can't guarantee that the test will be built by then but if not you could freeze them until we are ready. I was like we don't want to freeze. She said well you could start with your next period instead of this one. I told her thats not possible as I've been on medicine for 3 months working up to this and its not as simple as just pushing it back to my next period. She said well, it could be done it could not be done....its really hard to tell. So I asked her I was like if we went ahead but then we didn't have enough embryos to send for PGD how much of the $3750 would we get back. She said you would get $250 back which is the courier fee. She said but what do you mean what if you don't have enough embryos to send we will test even just one embryo. I said I'm not and my RE is not willing to risk my embryos if I don't have enough good quality embryos, so we would want at a minimum 6 good looking embryos. She was like oh, well thats a personal preference we will just test one if you want it tested. So I was like if after the egg retrieval we decide its not enough to go through it we are out $3500 and she said yes unless you decide to come back and use it at a later time and then you would only pay $2750 the next time. WTF! So I was like do you still take the 4-10 weeks just to test if the embryo is chromosomal normal. She said why would you test to see if it is normal if you won't test to see if it has sickle cell. I said I was just asking you a question on whether the time line to build the test is the same. She says well I don't know we don't do that test here you would have to check with another lab. I was like alright, let me talk to me RE and I'll give you a call back later.

So I call and speak to my nurse and she was saying we were hoping they wouldn't have to build the test that they would have one already on hand. I said well she said she was looking at the files I faxed and they would require a test to be built. She said she was going to double check and see. I told her my second concern was this money thing. I told her everything that she said about not getting nothing but $250 back out of $3750 if we didn't have enough to go through with PGD and she said she understood. I told her especially looking back at my previous cycles, there is no guarantee that I will even have enough to go through with PGD. She said she understands and it can be my call. She said its not like DH and I both have sickle cell trait and it would be a higher risk of us passing the sickle cell disease on, but she said we have two different forms and with a small possibility they could link up but the chances are very small. She said because I have beta-thal trait and DH has sickle cell trait, they are different but could possibly link up which is why they were suggesting PGD but the possibility is small. She asked me what I was leaning towards. I said I'm not sure what kind of response I'm going to have from this cycle and I'm not trying to just throw $3500 away and hope and wish that I get enough to test. Then the test is not 100% guarantee. Its a 2-3% possibility that the test can be wrong, not to mention the inclusive it gives and the ones that they can't even test because the cell dies or gets damaged in the process.

So my RE supposed to be calling me so we can discuss this, but I'm highly looking at scraping the whole idea and believe and pray that we get a normal healthy baby.

ETA: Spoke to my RE, he said it is our decision and he understands. The RE asked if we would be open to testing after pregnancy...CVS and whatever the other one is called and I said yeah we would. He said would you be willing to terminate the pregnancy if you found a disability in the child. I said no we wouldn't. He said okay. He said, it was our decision and he would support us with whatever we decided. Spoke to DH about it tonight. He said he doesn't want to do PGD anymore. I asked how he felt about testing after I was pregnant, he said really didn't matter to him, if I wanted to it was fine. I asked if he would want to terminate pregnancy if the baby ended up with sickle cell disease or some disability. He said nope, not at all. I love him. And I know that God won't place more on us than we can bare. So we will just continue to pray that we get a healthy baby who is sickle-cell free and if we get tasked with something different, we will love and care for the child all the same.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hematologist Follow-Up

I had my hematologist follow-up today. The appt went good. He said almost all of my blood work came back normal and I'm a healthy normal 26 year old. He said only one test was off and it was the Lipoprotein (a) test. Normal is less than 30 and mine was 68. I had to give more blood today so that they could retest it to make sure. He said the results would not change any of his plans. His plans are instead of waiting for a confirmed pregnancy he wants me to start Lovenox when I start stims to give it time to get in and work since my chemicals happen so early on in the pregnancy. I will be on 40mg shots to the belly everyday. He wants me to stop 24 hours before ER and start back up 24 hours after. Thats because it is a blood thinner and he don't want me bleeding too much in the surgery. He said as soon as I get a confirmed pregnancy to make an appointment because they would want to monitor my levels. So thats that....

Oh yeah, he did say he's not to keen on the baby aspirin thing either. He said its a bit controversy about if it even does any good for the women to be on it and to be on it as early as they put women on it. He brought it up, I didn't....so I was just listening. He said he is stilling waiting on my urine results to come back to see if I really need to be on baby aspirin, but he highly doubts that he will put me on it.

He also said there is a new study out comparing success and BMI and that the numbers are staggering. He said evidently being obese does effect your success rates.....

So now I have to call the insurance company and fuss with them tomorrow. I went to drop my prescription off and they told me $134 for a months supply. When I looked it up on Aetna website before going it said $40. So something is not adding up. Don't get me wrong I am very thankful that I'm not paying the $1030 which is the full price for a months supply. But I also don't want to be overpaying if insurance should be covering more. Especially since I will have to be on it for 9 months!

Emailed the conversation to my RE and he wants me to stop Lovenox 48 hours before ER and start it back 36 hours after ER, instead of the 24 hours the Hematologist said. He also said since I'll be on Lovenox for such an extended period that he wants me to add Caltrate in twice a day. Not sure when he wants me to start this, so I'll ask at my appointment on Monday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Honest Scraps

Thanks to Michele for the nomination!

The rules of the award:
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap."
3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

  1. I spend way too much time on the Internet doing nothing but searching about TTC and/or pregnancy related stuff.
  2. I am a reality TV show junkie, well TV period....I love it.
  3. My husband and I were engaged within 4 months of meeting but not married until a year and a half later.
  4. I've wanted a baby since I was like 12 years old, and figured I would do it the right way. Get married have kids. So naive to the fact that it wouldn't be that easy.
  5. I have a Bachelors Degree and a Masters degree with two specialties and I still don't know what I really want to do with my life.
  6. I can spend days just laying in the bed, watching TV and on the Internet and be just fine.
  7. I am a System Administrator, Management Officer and HR Officer at my job, however I spend majority of my work day on FF, or searching the web for fertility related things....while my job think I'm working ever so hard.
  8. I often get mad at God, not understanding why I have to deal with infertility when the rest of my family and friends can pop babies out like its nothing and some even abort....I am Pro-Life!
  9. I am addicted to the Internet and got through withdrawals when I don't have access to it.
  10. I try hard to not be a bitter infertile, but sometimes I'm not successful.

7 Blogs that I chose:

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Final Depot Lupron shot.....

The final Depot Lupron shot will be given tonight. Although as much as it seems time has been standing still and going ever so slowly, I must admit that the time has at the same time flew by. I know from tonight the time should speed by and I should be stimming in no time.

Along with the final depot lupron shot I start 2 Estradiol patches (Vivelle-Dot) tonight as well, which I will change 2x a week. (Oh funny thing about that, I picked it up from Walgreens instead of the pharmacy the RE normally uses. The lady at Walgreens when I called to ask if it was ready she said well I needed to confirm the dose. She said have you ever used the patches before and I was like yes. She said so you're supposed to wear two patches at one time, I said yes. She said we've never heard of such a thing, and she was like and you change them once a week. I was like no, two patches changed twice a week. She was like oh my, um okay. I hung up and was LOL.....they don't understand the life of an infertile! They also put for the prometrium....by mouth on my label and I'm pretty sure that should be put in my 'Lucy' but I'll double check with the nurse just to be sure). Tomorrow morning I meet with Dr. Duncan the hematologist to discuss my blood work results. And my best friend and God Baby will arrive in town tomorrow for a week, which will make the rest of this week speed by.

Next Monday I have my SHG and nurse consult which gives me something to look forward to next week.

Then the week after that we will be in Vegas from Thursday to Sunday for DH's birthday. And I've never been so I'm really excited about that.

We get back on Sunday, March 1st and the Monday following, March 2nd I have my Endo Biopsy and I start prometrium for 7 days. I stop that Sunday the 8th of March and I start stims that Wednesday the 11th.

It feels great to have a timeline to work with. It makes the waiting easier because it gives you something to look forward to, something to focus your time on. Even though the appointments I'm having are not nice appointments and can be quite painful at times I'm looking forward to it because I know that brings me one step closer....crazy...yeah I know!

Those who have been following my blog know that I'm an addict and I'm addicted to POAS. I have already begun to get my stock right for my IVF cycle. I currently have 24 HPTs at home. Yep....you read right.....24. I still need to get 20 FRER and my stock will be complete. I like to test out the trigger from like the 5th day after ER....so either 2DP3DT or 0DP5DT. The last couple of times I've had a 3 day transfer but hopefully this time I will have enough embryos to make it to a 5 day transfer, especially since we are planning to do PGD. Oh but back to my test, I have 4 Clearblue Easy Digital test - I don't test with these daily....only when I have a reason to confirm something I've seen on the line test. I also have 10 EPT test because I like to have something to compare against the FRER and 10 Accuclear test. I only use FRER in the beginning until I know the trigger is gone and then I start using the other test and compare all of them. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know.... My name is T@sh!d@ and I'm a POAS addict! LOL!

Oh my goodness. I have a friend that I met through FF and her name is LeLe. She has twins through IVF and we've remained close friends since meeting on FF. I went to NYC to see the Color Purple play and she met me up there and showed me, my mom, my best friend and her mom around until she started bleeding. She was only about 5-6 weeks along after IVF and it freaked all of us out. We called the ambulance and they took her away....as soon as they closed the doors I broke down crying. One because I knew her history and what she went through to get to that point and two because I would never forgive myself if she lost the pregnancy taking us around to sightsee. However, we went on to our play and during the intermission I called her and she said everything was okay and both babies had a heartbeat. We were too thrilled for her....not only did she find out at that moment the baby was okay but she also found out it was two in there and they both were okay! So we have stayed very close after that. We talk through email everyday back and forth while we're at work and I plan to make another trip back up there in May. Okay now to my point and the Oh my goodness that I started with. I was talking to LeLe about my HPT stash and said that I had to buy 20 more FRER and she bought them for me and sent the confirmation to my email. I'm beyond speechless and thankful and grateful. Although I've spent most of the time bashing her for spending that much money on test for me, I'm moved that she was so caring and willing to help out with me when she has her two girls at home. But I know her real motive.....she is a POAS addict too and now she will want me testing like 5 times a day! LeLe....if you're reading this...I'm sticking to my guns....Only twice a day! Once in the morning and once at night! Thank you again my lady....that was very very nice of you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Got some dates...

WOOHOO! I'm starting to get excited.
  • Last Depot Lupron Shot Feb 9th
  • Start Estrace Patches Feb 9th change twice a week
  • SHG and Nurse Consult Feb 16th
  • Endometrium Biopsy March 2nd
  • Start Prometrium March 2nd for 7 days
  • Start low dose Lupron and Stimming March 11th

I'm so ready to get started and I'm praying with all my might....that I can finally have a healthy full-term pregnancy.