Monday, February 16, 2009

SHG was today....

I had the SHG today. All was clear. They actually said wow this is one beautiful uterus...perfect....looks much better than most that we see. I was like are you looking at my uterus on the screen....LOL! I was like bout time something in my body works right. But all is well. Back on the 2nd for my biopsy, baseline on March 10th and start stims on March 11th.

They measured my antral follie count today as well:

Left ~ 8
Right ~ 7

I would love to see more as this is an indicator of what can possibly grow, but my RE was happy with the number. He said given that I've been on Depot Lupron for 3 months and such a low AMH number he wasn't sure what he had to work with. But since the antral follie count shows 15 he said thats good and now they just have to grow.

He said he is in full agreement with us not doing PGD and said that we had very good reasons to not do so.

He said he is very excited to see the outcome of this cycle and that things are already looking good.

I asked if we were playing it by ear how many we were going to transfer to see what kind of quality I was working with and he said yes. But he said given my history and pointed to my huge file he had sitting there he said the minimum would be 3 but given the quality we could possibly transfer 4 or 5. He said we have to be willing to be a little risky and willing to take a chance given my history to get us a healthy baby or two but not to endanger myself or the babies and making the news like a certain someone lately.

I can't wait to get started...... Dr. S said he has plans to go through my file again in the next coupld of days to study it to see if there is anything he missed the first 3 times he read through it. He said he just want to make sure he is doing all he can and have covered every basis. I love how thorough he is being and not just giving me the one size fits all technique, that I've been getting in the past.

Please send some prayers to my blogger friend Alison who had some discouraging news today. She too was on the Depot Lupron treatment for 3 months and need some prayers for her 3 that fertilized.

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Michele said...

Good luck!!!

Prayers on their way...