Sunday, January 24, 2010

1 Month Old

Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby Girl!

Being a mommy is going great. I read everyday, so I'm still around. Miracle is a month old today....can't believe how quick the time is flying. Breastfeeding was a struggle, my nipples, were sore, cracked, and bleeding so for the past week I've been pumping and giving her breast milk and I think I may like the pumping thing better, although it is a lot to do. But still seems to be quicker than breastfeeding, since Miracle eats like there is no tomorrow and would eat for an hour to an hour an a half at the breast, every 2 hours. So I can feed and pump in like 45 minutes....but I'll see. She is getting so big, growing so quick....too quick! She has some power legs that she is constantly pushing off on you, trying to stand up, trying to push herself away, trying to hold her head up and look around. Just too fast!! We have her 4 week appt tomorrow, and I go for my 6 week appt the first week in Feb. I'm ready to start working out. Although the weight fell off completely all by itself, I do want to firm up my belly and see if I can get a 4 pack or 6 pack or something....LOL!

I'll have to take some pics today of my one month old baby girl and update later. She is knocked out right now!