Friday, July 17, 2009

Hi Daddy - 17 & 18 Week

Friday, July 10

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 17 weeks…thats 4 months and 1 week old! I am now a little over 5 inches long about the size of a baked potato; I know mommy sure has been eating a lot of those. Oh yeah I weigh almost a whole 5 ounces now!

I’ve been spending my time packing on fat this week. I’m adding fat stores that will keep me warm and cozy after I’m born. I’ve been spending a lot of time practicing sucking and swallowing so I can have it down pack for when I enter the world in a few months so I can get my grub on!

Those fingers and toes have something growing out of them which I found out are my nails and they are starting to grow now. That’s why you always see all those newborns were the mittens to keep them from scratching their beautiful faces.

Other than packing on the pounds that’s about it for me.

Love Always,
Your Little Minnie Me

Friday, July 17

Hi Daddy,

I am now 18 weeks old, so 4 ½ months old! I am about 5 ½ inches long about the size of a pickle and I weigh between 5 and 7 ounces.

Guess what Daddy??? My ears are now facing forward and completely formed so I can now HEAR you and mommy talking! So no more potty mouth because I can hear you!

This week I began ossification…I know a big word huh! Its when my miniature bones start to harden and that’s a good thing! I’m also making more and more complex nerve connections. My sense of smell, taste, sight and hearing are all developing! This substance stuff called myelin which makes nerve connection travel faster is now coating my nerves. Things are really coming into place now Daddy!

By now Mommy should really be feeling me moving around in her belly. Soon you will be able to see my tiny feet, elbows and knees moving across Mommy’s belly….cool huh?

Well that’s about all for now Daddy.

Love Always,
Your little Minnie Me

I went to the new office today. Didn't actually get to meet the doc as she was called away to some emergency meeting. However, I like the office. Staff is nice and friendly, they had water and snacks for us in the waiting room with Paul...something...Mall Cop playing. DH and I had saw it a few months ago, but it was nice to see a comedy playing. I asked the nurse practitioner who saw me about seeing the Doc and the Midwife and she said Dr. S likes to deliver all of her patients unless some unforeseen emergency comes up then the midwife steps in. I like that. They also see their patients every 3 weeks up until 27 weeks then every 2 weeks up until I think 32 or 34 or 36 weeks..can't quite remember but then it goes to once a week. My last Ob set my appointments for 4-5 weeks out.

Oh yeah they are scheduling me to go see a perinatologist (a different group than what I was going to before) to do the anatomy scan so I'll get to see my little girl again in a week or two. Then probably not so much after that. They said they send the anatomy scans to the perinatologist to handle but I'm pretty sure they have ultrasound equipment on site as well.

Well I think thats about it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12w5d said GIRL, 17w5d says???


Well its been confirmed that She is Still a SHE!

The guess that the tech made at 12w5d ........ was......CORRECT!

I was released from the high risk doctor. I'm no longer high risk. I was sad when they told whole expression changed and they were like whats wrong...I was like I don't have to come back here anymore and they were like no everything looks great. I was like oh. They laughed at me. Its great that I'm no longer high risk. PRAISE GOD! I will just miss getting to see my baby every month.....

Wow....I'm having a baby girl. I was looking at her moving so much on the screen today and I was just in complete amazement that wow that baby is really in my belly. Unbelievable! After 5.5 years of trying there is really a baby in my belly....growing....flipping....kicking...waving. Wow!

Miracle Ayana W.

HI World....See You Dec 18th!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Final Change....hopefully

DH watched the business of being born with me about a month or so ago. Every since then he has been talking about having a water birth. I thought he was just kidding around.

So I decided I wanted a doula because I want a natural birth. DH fought me having a doula tooth and nail. He didn't want to spend the money on the doula....but finally said if I wanted a doula fine. But then last night he says lets have the baby at home in a pool. I said you would rather pay someone $3000 to have the baby at home than to spend $550 on the doula I wanted, what sense does that make. And he was like yep. But the idea of having the baby at home scared me.

So I found only one hospital in the Atlanta area that does water births. Not all doctors will use the water birth there so I then had to find a doctor that would actually do the water birth and that was covered by my insurance.... and I found this Dr and a midwife that works with her. Its just the two of them so one or the other will deliver me which I love because most places have like 8 doctors and whom ever of the 8 that is on call is the one that would deliver you. ( I was in the middle of switching doctors anyway because my old OB it was perfect timing). The office is 30 minutes north of my job and a hour 6 minutes from my house, but the hospital itself is very natural birth oriented so I'm looking forward to it!

I'm still going to get the doula as I won't actually get in the water until the end when I'm like 8-9 CM dilated, so I'll still need position tips, massages, and all the goodies that come with a doula. I told DH I still wanted a doula and he kind of did a long breath and said I thought you were gonna be in the pool. I explained to him that you don't actually get in the pool till close to the end and I still want that support going from 1-8 and he said okay. Wow that was easy! Thought I would have to spend days continually bringing up the topic again till I broke him down...guess I did that enough before.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hi Daddy ~ 16 weeks

Friday, July 3

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 16 weeks old that is 4 whole months! I am now between 4 and 5 inches long, about the size of Mommy’s mascara and weigh about 3 ounces.

I’ve been practicing my camera poses switching up my facial expressions, squinting, yawning, and grimacing. You know all those little faces that you will find oh so adorable…well I’ve been practicing. Oh yeah Daddy my uterus is fully developed and my ovaries already hold primitive egg cells so in years…many years…I got the goods to make you a Granddaddy! No time soon…though…promise!

My skin is still translucent but I’m working on building the fat to plump me up! Oh yeah my heart is doing its thing…pumping out 25 quarts of blood per day! And last but not least Daddy my eyes are now locked and loaded in their final destination! Now facing forward rather than the side of my head. I know you would have loved me regardless…right?!? I know…but much better to have them in the front where they go! How else would I be able to admire myself in the mirror!

Well Daddy that’s it for this week….but guess what Daddy….only 5 more months….yep 5 months and I get to meet you and mommy. I’m so excited! Until next time….

Love You,

Your Little Minnie Me

Nothing much going on with me to report. Thanks for the comments about the doc. And Pam, you know I'm not going anywhere!