Monday, October 29, 2007

Started BCPs Today

Well the cycle is beginning again. I started BCPs today. My baseline will be Nov 9th. Praying that no cyst are seen on the ultrasound and I can start stimming after the baseline. My new RE likes to start stims after being off BCPs for 4 days so maybe Nov. 11th.

Update: This cycle ended up being cancelled and converted to an IUI - BFN.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IVF Consult....Round 2!

Okay I’m back from my IVF Consult now….round 2. Dr. ML said I should feel lighter after all the junk she cleaned out of me. She started the conversation off by saying I definitely won’t get pregnant on my own. I guess because of the way my insides looked. She said my ovaries were 3 times the normal size. But she said she thought they looked really good after she got done and she was pleased with herself if she must say so herself.

But the news is I will go on BCPs on day 3 of my upcoming cycle. She wants my ovaries to remain quiet because she doesn’t want them producing anymore cyst. I will be on BCPs for 14 days at that time I will go in for a baseline ultrasound. If all is okay at this Baseline ultrasound meaning no cyst I will stop the BCPs have another AF and start stims.

She decided to switch my meds up this time from Bravelle & Menopur to Follistim and Ganirelix. I was on Bravelle & Menopur last cycle. She said the Follistim and Ganirelix works good for younger women to help keep them from overstimming since I overstimmed last time. She doesn’t want that to happen again. If my E2 reaches 4500 she will cancel the cycle, freeze all of the embies and do a Frozen Embryo Transfer a month later. Last time at retrieval my E2 was well over 5,000 which she says once it reaches that high point the lining starts to break down. Oh yeah, no Lupron this time.

I’m thinking my retrieval should be somewhere around Thanksgiving with a transfer around the first week in December with a BETA – pregnancy test somewhere around the week before Christmas or a little before….12 days after transfer. I’ve haven’t figured out all my dates yet, but that’s what I’m thinking.

She was really adamant about only putting 2 embies back in because of my age, so Adr!@n and I lost that battle. But she said she do not want me pregnant with triplets because I will have to go on bedrest at 20 weeks and I’m small frame and we would risk losing all of them. She said she did a good job cleaning out all the endo and she thinks that’s why it wasn’t working before so we shouldn’t get too proactive about putting 3 in and they mess around and all stick. I see me caring for 2 at one time but I can’t picture 3. So I’m okay with only putting 2 back in.

So that’s that. The wait and needle sticks begin again!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Warning....if you have a weak stomach don't look!

Pictures from my laparoscopy. Okay I will try to explain the pictures to you as I paste them. The first two pictures are from my surgery back in 2005. You can tell a difference between these and the ones from yesterday.

Before 2005 the corn looking things are bad:

After 2005:

These are from my surgery yesterday: Before looking from the outside:

This one is can see all the junk in there has my insides all stuck together:

This one you can see my ovaries and fallopian tubes are all stuck together:

This one is pictures of my ovaries:

I had 9 endometriums in my ovaries. Endometriums are like cyst. Its the ones with the brown stuff draining out....I think the medical terms for those are chocholate cyst.

This is my insides now......what a normal inside should look like. In the middle you can see the uterus and on the left and right you can clearly see the ovaries and the fallopian tubes....which is good!

Last picture shows that the dye came through my my tubes are open:

Friday, October 5, 2007

Laparascopy, Hysteroscopy, D&C

Surgery today.......All went well. Thanks for all the prayers. She said it was really bad in there but she was able to clean it up. The surgery took about 2 hours and about 45 minutes for me to wake up in recovery. She made two incisisions....thats not bothering me right now. My back and chest have been hurting from all the gas. She gave me a lot of if you can stomach seeing them, pictures will follow later.