Saturday, October 6, 2007

Warning....if you have a weak stomach don't look!

Pictures from my laparoscopy. Okay I will try to explain the pictures to you as I paste them. The first two pictures are from my surgery back in 2005. You can tell a difference between these and the ones from yesterday.

Before 2005 the corn looking things are bad:

After 2005:

These are from my surgery yesterday: Before looking from the outside:

This one is can see all the junk in there has my insides all stuck together:

This one you can see my ovaries and fallopian tubes are all stuck together:

This one is pictures of my ovaries:

I had 9 endometriums in my ovaries. Endometriums are like cyst. Its the ones with the brown stuff draining out....I think the medical terms for those are chocholate cyst.

This is my insides now......what a normal inside should look like. In the middle you can see the uterus and on the left and right you can clearly see the ovaries and the fallopian tubes....which is good!

Last picture shows that the dye came through my my tubes are open:

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Erica Douglas said...

Wow, it's really cool to see what your insides really look like.