Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You and Bye-Bye

So as I said I was sick this weekend and finally called the doctor around 7 p.m on Saturday. Well you know you have to go through the answering service first and they ask a million and one questions and one of them was the reason for the call and I told them I wanted to know what I could take for a head cold. She said okay I will have the doctor call you.

So we are now heading to W.algreens so I can pick up some meds and I'm holding the phone in my hand so that I don't miss the call. Some way from the time I step out the car with the phone in my hand till the time I reach W.algreens door it said I had a missed called. No idea how this happened as the phone never rung, but I don't put anything past AT.&T. Anywho, the doctor left a little smart voice mail saying. Well hello T@sh!da this is Dr. Brown calling you but since you're not answering your phone I guess that you can call me back later.

So I told Adr!@n that I missed his call and I doubt he is going to call back. I didn't feel like going through all the questions with the answering service again so I just said forget it. About 5 minutes later he calls back and I answer. I say hello, he says well I guess you finally decided to answer your phone today. So as I'm standing in W.algreen feeling horrible...I just take a deep breath and ignore his comment. Because I don't say anything he says hello T@sh!da this is Dr. Brown. I said hi, how are you. He said whats going on, I said I have a head cold and wanted to know what I could take. He said a head cold, I said yes, I have a headache, body aches, and my nose is completely stuffed. He says oh just take some T.ylenol Cold. I said okay any T.ylenol Cold and he says yes. I said okay thanks and hung up.

He could have very easily left a voicemail saying, sorry I missed you but I was told you were calling about a head cold, you can take T.ylenol Cold. Call me back in 'x' days if you're not feeling better. But no, he has to leave this little smart reply and call back with a smart attitude. After that call I was like I would think twice about calling about something even if I thought it was serious just because of how he was acting. So this was the icing on the cake to decide its time to move to another doctor.

So I decided after talking with DH last night he suggested that I go back to my Ob/GYN that I've been seeing since 2005. I like him and I like the office but I was just trying to find a doctor closer to home to make it easier for DH to go to appointments with me since he works near where we live and Dr. Graham is on the Northside so about a 45 minute - hour ride from the south side.

But DH said he felt where we were going was the ghetto and he would prefer going back to Dr. Graham. I said well I moved it down there so you could easily make the appointments and when I'm in the hospital giving birth you would be 20 minutes from the hospital instead of 45 minutes in case you wanted to go home while I was staying over night. He was like I would be staying over night with you and if you make your appts on Friday when I'm off I will be able to make it.

He was like well whats wrong with the hospital in our county and I told him they have only been delivering for 3 years and their labor and delivery is small with only 5 rooms or so. So thats why I chose the other hospital in the county near us which he is saying is the ghetto....its a very nice hospital with a Level III nursery. But at our last doctors appointment...we were surrounded by some um...'different' people in the waiting room....LOL...so I kind of see where he is coming from! One lady left her three bad kids while she was in the back for her appointment. So for the entire 45 minutes we were waiting everyone was looking at each other being so annoyed by what these bad kids was doing. Who leaves their kids like that...mind you...one was around 10 or so and acting like she was 2 going on 45 and she was supposed to be the keeper of the smaller two. She kept couting to 3 bossing around the younger ones....so annoying! But anywho....

So I was like okay, I'll check the hospital up there and see how I like it. I had my first lap surgery at this hospital back in 2005 and its a nice hospital. But I had never looked at the labor and delivery suites but they are really nice. I called the labor and delivery floor and asked how many people could be in the labor and delivery room and she said its up to the discretion of the patient and the nurse. THANK YOU! Because the hospital I had chose were saying 3 and only 3...like no exceptions. And I wanted, DH of course, my mom and his mom and Tracy the doula (I plan on having a natural birth and want a doula to help. Since I am considered high risk, midwives don't take high risk patients or they are not allowed to...hence the reason I have an Ob. So a doula will help me keep to my goals of having a natural birth when the doctors and nurses are running in recommending an epid.ural, or wanting to push me to a c-section because I'm not moving as quick as they would like.) and the other hospitals were like no only 3 people.

So this hospital is more laid back to letting people be there with you who you want there with you. So I call my old office because my biggest question has been how does the Ob side of things work. Dr. Graham has always done my papsmears and I've never seen another doctor but him. But wasn't sure how the maternity side of things work and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be passed on an assembly line of whomever was on duty at the time.

So she said Dr. Graham will see me for all my appointments and he either induces his patients so that they deliver while he is on call or the on call doctor delivers you when you go in labor. Being induced is something that I do NOT want unless it is medically necessary so I will not just opt to get it done to have Dr. Graham be the one to deliver me. However, I will make it clear with Dr. Graham, that I would prefer him but if its not possible for him, I want it made clear to whomever may do it my wishes and desires. However, I do like that he sees me for all my appointments which was hard to find at offices around here. Most have like 3-9 doctors and you see all of them because any of them can deliver you.....I did not want that!

So thats that. I'm going to call Dr. Brown's office and have them transfer what records they have back to my old doc. I should have just stayed with him from the beginning...but anywho....as long as its worked out now.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

15 weeks - Hi Daddy

So today is Sunday, and I just wrote the Hi Daddy letter for Friday. I wasn't gonna write it until DH started complaining like a baby and whining that he didn't get his letter. I got home Friday night from Washington...from Thursday night till the time I got on the flight on Friday I had threw up 6 times. Once Thursday night, once Friday morning and 4 times in the taxi on the way to the airport. D.elta calls me with an automated message on Friday morning saying that your flight scheduled to leave at 3:59 p.m. has been cancelled, however don't worry as we have taken care of you and you are now schedule to leave at 9:59 p.m. I was pissed! What kind of taking care of is that. So I had them change my flight but it was to a different airport that was an hour away....but it left at 4:15 p.m. and I was too ready to go home so I took it. So in the taxi I felt it coming and politely told the cab driver...I'm about to throw up but don't worry because I have a bag. He was like okay okay no problem ma'am. So from that point till I arrive at the airport I threw up 4 times. I apologized to the taxi driver as I got out and he was so nice. He was like no problem ma'am, thank you for being clean. I was so weak trying to stand in the line to get my ticket that I sat down on the floor in line. The security line was another wait and I wanted to sit down....but I managed to stand. I make it to W.endy's and got some vanilla ice cream and a plain baked potato and just prayed that it would stay down and give me some energy...and it did. So I've been taking a tally at how many times I threw up with this pregnancy....I went from 5 to 11 in a matter of a day. But the funny thing is...I took it all in stride...didn't get mad that I was throwing up so much or anything.....but still wore a smile when I could. Now on to Saturday....I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. My head hurt, my body ached, my nose was stuffed and I just felt horrible. So after dealing with this until about 7 p.m. I finally call the doctor to ask him what I can take for a head cold and he told me T.ylenol Cold so we went to W.algreens to pick it up. I was really trying to stick it out because I didn't want to take any meds but both nostrils were completely stuffed. So.... I took the T.ylenol Cold, bought a vaporizer, put some V.icks V.apor rub on my chest but still wasn't able to breath too good through the night. So I've spent my weekend in the bed...not feeling too much better today than I did yesterday, but baby is doing fine. I was kind of worried about her with all my sneezing and hard blowing of my nose but the doppler picked up her heartbeat right away! Thank God!
So thats why the Hi Daddy post is late...
But any who....here it is:

Friday, June 26th

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 15 weeks old…that’s almost 4 months old (Mommy told me you wasn’t grasping the weeks too much so I needed to tell you in months too)! I am now about 4 inches long about the size of a Kit Kat finger (the regular size not the King size) and I weigh almost 2 ounces now.

Mommy may be able to feel me kick now, but she probably doesn’t realize it’s me and thinks it’s only gas or something. But I’ve been having my own little party in my amniotic sac. Guess what else Daddy, my head is now resting on my neck instead of directly on my shoulders like Igor. Oh yeah Daddy I’m starting to get this hair growing on my eyelids and over my eyes and through my intense investigation I found out they are called eyelashes and eyebrows…cool huh? My hair on my head has started to grow as well….we know if I take after mommy I will be bald for the entire first year so I’m hoping I got your genes when it comes to that!

You know what else daddy…I can see the light. My eyes are still sealed shut but now they are able to sense light. My eyes and ears finally look like a real baby now! Oh yeah guess what else I can do Daddy…hiccup! As I practice sucking and swallowing sometimes I may get the hiccups…it will be really cool when you can see mommy’s belly jumping when I get the hiccups later.

Make sure Mommy gets enough nutritious foods and fluids to support my growth over the next month as I will grow faster than ever! I know I’ve been giving her a hard time and making her throw up, so hopefully she can get a lot of nutritious foods down!

Well Daddy that’s enough on me for the week. Take care of mommy and give her a big hug and kiss for me!

Love Always,
Your Little Minnie Me

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Aunt Wanda & Aunt Pam

Here ya go: (These pics are taken at night....I'm bigger at night than in the morning. Must be the bloat from the day).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi Daddy - 14 weeks

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi Daddy,

This week I am 14 weeks old (3 ½ months) and I weigh about an ounce and about 3.5 inches long. That’s the length of a flip phone. I’ve been working hard and I have tripled in size from just three weeks ago. I know you’re glad mommy hasn’t too. LOL!

I am a third of the way cooked….what that means is that my skeletal and organ development is wha-la….all taken care of! Who’s your baby?? I know…I know…you’re just too proud of me! Now I’m spending my time building up some fat, getting the details down pat in my body and my looks and of course working on my brain power! And you know that classical baby music mommy plays to her belly for me….it really does help. I know you’re not a believer and a hard one to convince…but really daddy….it’s helping!

Awh shucks now….I’m legit and one of a kind now. I got my fingerprints set and ready to be booked. LOL! Just playing. Mommy tells me all the time I can’t follow your footsteps that way. He! He! She tells me everything! But what’s cool is, I created my fingerprints all by my big self. What I had to do was move my hands around while I’m swimming in my amniotic fluid and guess what…just like that my fingers created ridges and folds. And God is so amazing that not one person can ever create the same ridge or folds. I know simply amazing huh.

Okay Daddy here is your fore warning. Don’t say I didn’t tell you before. But my first couple of poops will be dark and black and look like sticky tar…yeah like road tar. Yeah its normal…so be prepared…but just so you know I’m working on creating that good ole stuff now and its loading up in my intestines as we speak.

And last but not least Daddy I have gained new impressive skills that allow me to practice and control my muscle movement. So now when you see me I won’t be just jerking and jumping on the screen….but now I got some graceful moves….Watch out now!

Gotta go Daddy…got a lot more work to do before I can get ready for my nap.

Love Always,
Your Little Minnie Me!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hi Daddy - 13 weeks

So I'm a day late posting this and a day late printing the Hi Daddy letter for my hubby. I passed out when I got home, woke up around 10 something to get ready for bed and passed out again. I did manage to remember to take the belly pic before getting ready for bed...haven't looked at them but I imagine they are not cute at all!!

But anywho...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 13 weeks old! I weigh about 20 grams and I’m about 3 inches long. I am now the size of a Nutter Butter cookie! I can now make a fist and even suck on my thumb. You know I gotta do something to help pass the time between, eating, sleeping, growing, and pooping. Plus I know mommy will eat it all up if she sees me sucking my thumb on the ultrasound screen. You know she’s a sucker for mushy stuff.

Hey Daddy remember those intestine things I was telling you about a couple weeks ago? Well now they are right where they should be and not poking out into the umbilical cord. Oh yeah my teeth are all in….no, daddy not showing….but in the gums. They will just sit there for six or seven months until I’m old enough for them to start growing out.

Oh yeah….check me out now…check me out….I got my vocal cords now. You can’t hear me yet….but you just wait till you hear that first scream of mine…it will be music to your ears! I promise!

Alright Daddy that’s your update for the week. I’m wore out now and time for my nap! Take good care of mommy and I can’t wait to finally meet you two. Oh yeah…Happy early 6 year Anniversary Daddy! Have a great time on Sunday.

Love Always,

Your little Minnie me!


In other news I am now in my 2nd trimester. Thank you God! After all the tears, the heartache, the disappointments, the losses, the trials this is an amazing milestone to reach. Time to set a new 3rd trimester goal for myself. God, as you know I thank you every single day, multiples times a day for this miracle of life growing in me. As I promised you the years and years that I was praying for this to happen....I will never take for granted this amazing gift of life that you have blessed me with. So God....the tears you see, the smile on my face and engraved on my heart is all giving thanks to you for my miracle of life. Here we come 3rd trimester....ummm I don't know when that even starts.....Gotta consult Dr. Google. But anywho...one goal at a time we're going to make it to the finish line!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

12w5d...It's a.....

Had my appointment with the perinatologist the high risk doc yesterday and I LOVED it!!!!! It's a...






G I R L!!

Now I'm going to wait for one more confirmation before I get stuck on PINK but the ultrasound tech was pretty confident. It's amazing how high quality the perinatologist equipment is. Much more high tech than the Ob's stuff.

I loved this shot. The first thing we saw when she put the thing to my belly was the baby waving. I felt like the baby was saying Hi Mommy, I'm here. Chill out...All is well! I'm always so worried about what they may find, but I had tears of joy stream down my face when I saw this! Oh yeah this was also my first ultrasound without the dil.do camera....pretty cool!

So to explain the many tears to the tech I briefly explained my history to her. I said we've been trying for 5.5 years, have had 2 miscarriages, so its taken a while to get here. I said this is our miracle IVF baby after 6 surgeries. She said oh my you gave me chills as she looked at her arms. This is when she asked me if I wanted to know the sex. I said yes, we do. She said you sure I said yes...I was going to wait till the appointment that my hubby was at but he told me not to wait. She said what does he want I said a boy, and I just want a healthy baby she said well its a girl. As I'm crying...I was like the funny thing is we were not able to agree on a boy name but we agreed on a girl name. She was like see its a sign and you wore pink today to so you just knew. She was like so whats her name. I said her name is Miracle. The lady was like oh I got chills again. She was like how fitting after all that you've been through. She flipped the screen to 3d and said we normally don't do this but you have really touched my heart today. So I'm guessing thats why I got so many great printouts. I thanked her many many times for all the great shots. She was great.

The money shot: Once this was confirmed the tears just flowed like a river. It was a surreal feeling to see my baby being so active and moving so much. The tech was like did you eat this morning and I was like yes some cereal. She was like she must love that because she is just jumping and flipping and moving so much! The tech was like even if you didn't want to know the sex she is letting it all hang out. Baby girl had her legs wide open for all too see. I told the tech...we'll work on the open leg thing later. LOL!

This first pic was too cute. It was like she perked her booty and looked over her shoulder to look at her booty. The tech was like Oh my you're going to have a little diva on your hands. LOL! The second pic she put her hands behind her head like she was laying on the beach. And the third pic she was rubbing her eyes. Too cute!

Profile shot...she has grown so much since the last time I saw her!

They did still see some old blood, but wasn't too worried about it because it is old blood.

Back to the high risk doc in 5 weeks, ultrasound with my Ob/GYN on the 23rd of this month!

So unless proven otherwise.....

We have Little Miss Miracle Ayana growing in my belly!


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that I have an appointment with the Perinatologist schedule for Wednesday at 9. This was a complete surprise as I was originally told I would get my referral for the Perinatologist on the 23rd. So I figured the appt with the Perinatologist probably wouldn't happen till July sometime. Hoping they do an u/s at this appointment. DH won't be able to make it though since it was so last minute, but he will be there on the 23rd. Maybe we can get an early 'money shot'.

Thank you God for another year you have blessed me with. Each day I wake up I thank you for my life, my health, and my strength. And today as I add one more year to my life, I thank you for all the many blessings that you have blessed my family and I with. I look forward to many more to come.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi Daddy - 12 Weeks

June 5, 2009

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 12 weeks old! This is a huge milestone as I’m finishing up the first trimester and now the risk of miscarriage drops drastically! This is the time that you can spread the word that I am in here growing….no need to keep secrets any longer….although from what I heard Mommy say….you didn’t really keep it much of a secret anyway. LOL! I am now 2 ½ inches long which is about the length of your pinkie finger or a Vienna sausage. You know the little cans that come with like 5 or 6 sausages in it…yeah those. That’s how big I’ve grown in just a short couple of weeks! Proud of me?

My face is starting to look more like a normal baby face as my eyes have moved to the front of my head and my ears have finally come around to the place they should be at! Hooray! I’ve still been practicing swallowing by swallowing the amniotic fluid that I float in. Just in case you were wondering Daddy, how I can breathe while in the fluid, I get my oxygen from the blood pumped through my body by the placenta….I don’t use my lungs yet. Not until I enter the world. Amazing huh? I know! Oh yeah Daddy I have these things growing on my toes and fingers which I found out were fingernails and toenails….so don’t forget to add a fingernail file to the baby registry because I don’t want to scratch up my precious face when I enter the world. You know I gotta keep it flawless!

Now for Mommy…make sure she makes it to the dentist because it is very important to keep her gums healthy during pregnancy to help prevent low birth weight and pre-term labor. So even if she doesn’t feel up to go, encourage her to go and you know Daddy you should go too!

Well okay Daddy I’ve said a lot this week, so now I need a nap! But guess what Daddy?? I love you!

Love You Always,

Your Little Minnie Me


The next Hi Daddy letter...I will be in my second trimester. My God...that is so hard to believe. Thank you God...thank you!

As for me. Trying to wait patiently for my ultrasound which is still over 2 weeks away. I am really going through withdrawals...but thank God for my doppler. What a sanity saver! The wait is hard. However, I guess the good news is at that appointment is when I will get my referral to the perinatologist and I will get watched a lot closer. Appointments with my Ob/GYN and appointments with the perinatologist. I get to take my last PIO shot on Sunday, WooHoo! But they added in the yucky Endometrium....so a few more weeks of that. My RE didn't want me to just stop Progesterone cold turkey so he is weaning me off of it. Other than that, nothing much to report. Oh, I'll be 27 on Sunday...another year to thank God for.....but more on that later.
Oh yeah here is my belly progression: