Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi Daddy - 12 Weeks

June 5, 2009

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 12 weeks old! This is a huge milestone as I’m finishing up the first trimester and now the risk of miscarriage drops drastically! This is the time that you can spread the word that I am in here growing….no need to keep secrets any longer….although from what I heard Mommy say….you didn’t really keep it much of a secret anyway. LOL! I am now 2 ½ inches long which is about the length of your pinkie finger or a Vienna sausage. You know the little cans that come with like 5 or 6 sausages in it…yeah those. That’s how big I’ve grown in just a short couple of weeks! Proud of me?

My face is starting to look more like a normal baby face as my eyes have moved to the front of my head and my ears have finally come around to the place they should be at! Hooray! I’ve still been practicing swallowing by swallowing the amniotic fluid that I float in. Just in case you were wondering Daddy, how I can breathe while in the fluid, I get my oxygen from the blood pumped through my body by the placenta….I don’t use my lungs yet. Not until I enter the world. Amazing huh? I know! Oh yeah Daddy I have these things growing on my toes and fingers which I found out were fingernails and toenails….so don’t forget to add a fingernail file to the baby registry because I don’t want to scratch up my precious face when I enter the world. You know I gotta keep it flawless!

Now for Mommy…make sure she makes it to the dentist because it is very important to keep her gums healthy during pregnancy to help prevent low birth weight and pre-term labor. So even if she doesn’t feel up to go, encourage her to go and you know Daddy you should go too!

Well okay Daddy I’ve said a lot this week, so now I need a nap! But guess what Daddy?? I love you!

Love You Always,

Your Little Minnie Me


The next Hi Daddy letter...I will be in my second trimester. My God...that is so hard to believe. Thank you God...thank you!

As for me. Trying to wait patiently for my ultrasound which is still over 2 weeks away. I am really going through withdrawals...but thank God for my doppler. What a sanity saver! The wait is hard. However, I guess the good news is at that appointment is when I will get my referral to the perinatologist and I will get watched a lot closer. Appointments with my Ob/GYN and appointments with the perinatologist. I get to take my last PIO shot on Sunday, WooHoo! But they added in the yucky a few more weeks of that. My RE didn't want me to just stop Progesterone cold turkey so he is weaning me off of it. Other than that, nothing much to report. Oh, I'll be 27 on Sunday...another year to thank God for.....but more on that later.
Oh yeah here is my belly progression:


Wanda said...

Thank you Jesus!!! By his grace "WE" have made it this far. Time has really flown. 2nd trimester? That is really a mile stone. Now its time to spread the word.....LOL

Michele said...

yay!!! and love the belly pics! so cute!

Flower said...

Looking good...and Congrats on hitting 12 wks

TheDales said...

Yeah!! for 2nd trimester! It looks like you're starting to show, Momma! You look so cute!

Christina said...

Your so cute!!! Almost to the 2nd trimester, congratulations!!!

Alicia_B said...

Congrats! So amazing, the 2nd trimester! And happy belated birthday!

La La said...

Lovin those belly shots, SO cute! BTW, go for the little mittins rather than the nail files...they don't really work...the baby's nails are so thing when they are that young that they just shred. And have fun cutting them, I make grandma do it! lol I'm a wuss.