Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hi Daddy - 13 weeks

So I'm a day late posting this and a day late printing the Hi Daddy letter for my hubby. I passed out when I got home, woke up around 10 something to get ready for bed and passed out again. I did manage to remember to take the belly pic before getting ready for bed...haven't looked at them but I imagine they are not cute at all!!

But anywho...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 13 weeks old! I weigh about 20 grams and I’m about 3 inches long. I am now the size of a Nutter Butter cookie! I can now make a fist and even suck on my thumb. You know I gotta do something to help pass the time between, eating, sleeping, growing, and pooping. Plus I know mommy will eat it all up if she sees me sucking my thumb on the ultrasound screen. You know she’s a sucker for mushy stuff.

Hey Daddy remember those intestine things I was telling you about a couple weeks ago? Well now they are right where they should be and not poking out into the umbilical cord. Oh yeah my teeth are all in….no, daddy not showing….but in the gums. They will just sit there for six or seven months until I’m old enough for them to start growing out.

Oh yeah….check me out now…check me out….I got my vocal cords now. You can’t hear me yet….but you just wait till you hear that first scream of mine…it will be music to your ears! I promise!

Alright Daddy that’s your update for the week. I’m wore out now and time for my nap! Take good care of mommy and I can’t wait to finally meet you two. Oh yeah…Happy early 6 year Anniversary Daddy! Have a great time on Sunday.

Love Always,

Your little Minnie me!


In other news I am now in my 2nd trimester. Thank you God! After all the tears, the heartache, the disappointments, the losses, the trials this is an amazing milestone to reach. Time to set a new 3rd trimester goal for myself. God, as you know I thank you every single day, multiples times a day for this miracle of life growing in me. As I promised you the years and years that I was praying for this to happen....I will never take for granted this amazing gift of life that you have blessed me with. So God....the tears you see, the smile on my face and engraved on my heart is all giving thanks to you for my miracle of life. Here we come 3rd trimester....ummm I don't know when that even starts.....Gotta consult Dr. Google. But goal at a time we're going to make it to the finish line!


Michele said...

welcome to this new part of your journey with your little one! such wonderful news!!!

Boa said...

yay welcome to the second trimester! And happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 6th year too! Im so happy for you and Miracle!! Cant wait to meet her!

Rose's Daughter said...

Welcome to the 2nd trimester! Isn't it a wonderful place to be?

Christina said...

Yea for the 2nd trimester! I'm so happy for you! Now I can shop! ;))

Flower said...


Alicia_B said...

What an amazing milestone! I am so happy for you!

wanda said...

Welcome to the 2nd tri and happy belated anniversary. Hope you and A was very naughty ;)

Flower said... where are the pics????LOL