Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi Daddy ~ 11 weeks

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 11 weeks old! Time is flying by! I am now the size of a lime, I told you I’ve been busy! Let’s see whats new that I can do or that I have?? All my vital organs are now formed and functioning so the risk of defects decreased this week! Are you proud of me? My head is as big as the rest of my body, but I’m managing holding it up. Don’t worry….I won’t come out looking deformed…the rest will catch up! I’ve been turning flips and somersaults in here….but mommy still can’t feel me just yet. I’ve been swallowing the amniotic fluid and urinating it back out. All practice for when I get ready to enter the world! I’ll have lots of dirty diapers for you to change!

So Daddy this next part I thought was kind of gross but cool at the same time so I thought you would like to know this part. My intestines are being formed but instead of being locked inside of my body some of it is dangling outside in the umbilical cord. Ewww…..I know huh Daddy! Pretty nasty but amazing at the same time!

Well Daddy that’s about it for my week. I’m tired from all my work. Until next week know that I love you and I can’t wait to meet you.

Love Always,
Your little Minnie Me!


Molly: Yes, I read that too and too be quite honest most days I do need reassurance....some times I can go 2-3 days but that is not often at all. I'm sure it will get better when the babe is big enough so that I can feel him/her move.

Okay so I saw the belly request comments/questions and Christina the first answer is yes, I take them every Friday....I just don't post them on here. And no, I don't have a pregnancy journal....but I guess this is my journal....kind of sorta. And okay Melissa here is your belly pic: (I know you all love how I match my shirts with my boy shorts huh....LOL! I only make sure I do it on Friday's when I know I'm going to take my picture.)

11 weeks:


wanda said...

Pregnancy is agreeing with you. You are glowing. Love the letters and keep the pics coming. I wanted to ask for an updated one but didnt want to seem pushy :0

Molly said...

Oh wow your tummy looks cute ! I think mine looked that way too but the pictures didn't turn out half that cute. I posted a single one and that was on my private blog lol !!!

yes it was a great surprise ! I had no idea although i thought they may do something like that, but i kept reminding myself, that they probably will not. I cant believe they were planning for so long and i did NOT find out. Normally i would, lol ...

And yes, i did call the old provider to activate it. They wouldnt do it and tried to lurk me back until i told them my husband works for the new one (which he doesnt) so tehy would leave me alone, and just activate it. It has already been transferred meanwhile but i had to tell to that new place that my due date is any day now and I absolutely cannot be without a cell phone (told them we dont have a home phone neither which now we do) for one whole week.
Thanks for your advise though !!

Molly said...
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Yolen said...

Looking great!

Michele said...

Love the tummy picture! And, as always, the note to dad is so adorable. We have a day-by-day "journal" (it's not really a journal... there isnt a lot of room to write, it is more like the baby's developmental journal) that tells you what is going on each day. We love to read that and learn about the little ones!

Rose's Daughter said...

What a cute belly!!
Yeah 11 weeks!!

Flower said...

You look so cute. I love the bangs. I had them years ago and was thinking about cutting them recently....too scared now...but it looks good on you. I hope you have updated your homepage on FF (wink) I love the letters to dh. I might have to steal that idea (hope u don't mind) when it's my turn.

Just Call Me Lissa said...

Just a couple more weeks left in the first trimester! How wonderful! Thanks for the updated pic. :) You look gorgeous! Pregnancy definitely suits you.

I love the letters you're writing and enjoy reading them.

Christina said...

You look so cute!!! Thank you for posting it! :)

Angelwingsbaby said...

I too have a SCH and was hoping to gain some insight to going through pregnancy with it.I am less than a week behind you but I just experienced the bleeding etc on the 21st of may and for a few days following that.I have an appointment today to talk to my OB about the results of the u/s that showed the hematoma ( i had it done at the hospital on the 26th)I read your blog from when your pg began and look forward to following you and hopefully sharing about our SCH. Feel free to check out my blog.Take care. -Megan