Friday, May 1, 2009

Is it Thursday yet???


I'm in real need of some confirmation to know that I have something going on in my insides.

Lord knows I pray there is, but no way to know. Especially with the lack of symptoms.....ugghh the waiting sucks.

Today is 7 I'm 7 weeks.

I only wish that I was able to be happy about that.....the worrying sucks!


Molly said...

T, i had exactly same worries and needs for confirmation!! Plus i started bleeding quite heavily at 7w2d. All worked out great and baby was fine !! Yours will be too

Michele said...

I know! It's like the u/s keeps you sane until the next one, but you just need to know and see NOW. We've even joked (and it is a joke but has some truth..) about renting an u/s machine, LOL! Too $$$.

We are 9w today. It's so neat to be on this journey with you! :)

wanda said...

T, easier said then done but try not to worry everything is going to be ok. Keep having positive thoughts. I have enough excitement for the both of us.

Rose's Daughter said...

Repeat after me:
"Today I am pregnant, I am pregnant today."

Repeat several times a day.

Christina said...

I wish I could give you a big ol hug!!!! Hang in there Momma, its hard, but your doing an awesome job!! Love ya!

Flower said...

Try not to worry...everything is a-ok (wink)

Boa said...

YOU ARE PREGNANT! Have you said it out loud?? IM PREGNANT!!!I know to worry is a normal thing, we will always worry specially after the trials we (you) have been through. You are a mommy already, the lord has blessed you hun! I cant wait for the U/S!! GL