Friday, May 22, 2009

Hi Daddy ~ 10 weeks

Hi Daddy,

It’s me again and today I am 10 weeks old! Today I’m about an inch and a half long and the size of a mondo Brazil nut. I’ve been busy this week and I no longer look like a tadpole but now I’m looking like a baby!

Now you can clearly see my finger and toes and my skeleton is starting to harden. I’ve been practicing swallowing and kicking even though mommy still can’t feel the kicks yet! Oh yeah Daddy I can bend my limbs now which means I can practice my punching moves too! Oh and guess what? My ears are starting to form so soon I’ll be able to hear what you and mommy are talking about!

How have you and mommy been? I can’t wait till I can meet you both. I love you Daddy! Until next time!

Love Always,

Your Little Minnie Me

Hubby had this big kool-aid smile on his face as he was reading it. I was like whats wrong with you....he covered his face with his letter like a big kid, so I moved the paper and there he sat still with this big kool-aid smile on his face. LOL! Too cute!

Thanks for the tips about the pants. That day I actually ordered the belly band from motherhood and I'm just waiting on them to get here.


Michele said...

very cute! just think, 25% of the way there!

Christina said...

10 weeks!!! Congratulations, love ya!!

FeyIndigoWolf said...

Awww, That's adorable!!

Molly said...

Hi baby !!

Anonymous said...

Hi and congratulations! I have been following your blog and it is very inspirational. I am about to start IVF #4 and notice some similar treatment issues. I was wondering if you could post what your protocol was for this successful IVF. I want to discuss the details with my doctor. And congratulations again!

JenDiahann said...

10 weeks! Woohoo! I love the dear daddy letters! Precious!


Boa said...

AWw that was sweet!! Wow 10wks, congratulations hun! When I see you online send me the updated Belly pictures. My Colage is missing a few i think. Love ya !!

La La said...

10 weeks already!? Wow, you're right behind me. =)

How are you feeling?