Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back with Details

Thank you all so much for your prayers!!!!

So she puts the dildo cam in as I'm staring at her face. Her name is Amy and I know her well. Gave her a gift with my last chemical because I thought I was done TTC. So I'm staring at her to watch her expression. She said its there, and the heartbeat is there. Okay deep breath...as I wait. She turns on the sound and I broke down crying. DH is sitting at my side clueless. When I cried my stomach shook so she lost the sound. Found it again, cried again, lost the sound again. So I looked at DH and said did you hear it. He was like hear what. I said that was the baby's heartbeat. He was like oh thats what that was. So she found it again and he was like oh wow...thats my boy with a strong fast heartbeat. :o) She measured my lil bean and it measured right on point at 7w4d. She did see a little dark spot next to the sac which could have bled some but she didn't see anything definite. Doc on call, not my RE as he was in surgery saw me and said it looks like a little subchorionic hematoma (SCH). He said not to worry that they are very common. He said the risk for miscarriage has decreased significantly since we heard a strong heartbeat. Told me to take it easy and to call my docs office to see if he still wants to see me on Thursday.

So the RE calls me and talks about everything. He put us on pelvic rest again, no running, jogging, anything strenuous...he said become a couch potato until the SCH heals. RE also wants me to get a RhoGAM shot tomorrow. I'm O- and DH is B+. He said that I would get it at delivery anyway something about - blood mixing with + blood and my body creating an antibody against something.... But anyway he doesn't want the baby blood to leak to my blood in case it took after Adr!@n and is + as well and then my - blood creates an antibody to fight against it. He said its been overly cautious by doing the shot now but that he wanted to do it. I've heard it mentioned before but never really knew much about it, but I trust my RE and was cool with the idea.

He gave me the option to keep my appointment for Thursday and get another ultrasound or to wait till next week. I opted to go next Tuesday. He said to expect more bleeding until the SCH goes away, but not to be alarmed. But to call and come in if it gets worse or if I'm worried. He is an awesome doc! He will release me around 10 weeks....so only 2 more weeks of being spoiled with all these ultrasounds! Now I gotta decide what Ob/GYN I want to go to.....never thought that far in advance!


Where's my miracle? said...

Whew, I am sure all of that was so freakin' scary. Thank God all is well with the little one. Keeping the prayers going up!!!

Ms. J said...

So glad to have more details! I have frequented plenty of other blogs that have reported same issue as yours.

BTW some advice? MAKE THAT OB APPT NOW! Not all of them will suddenly be able to see you, and you want to make sure you have found an office that has the kind of advanced ultrasound and all the latest tech tools, and has staff that is sympathetic that this pregnancy took A LOT OF EFFORT, and treats you as such!

Boa said...

I completely agree with Ms. J you need to find a good OB/GYN and make the appointment ASAP. They can take weeks before seeing you. And like she said too, make sure you make it clear that it took a lot of finally have this baby that you NEED the best staff/Dr. that will reach your goals and needs. Plus you diserve the best anyway, shouldnt take any less then the best.

Michele said...

Thank goodness!! So glad little one was doing well! :)

The blood -/+ thing is quite a big deal. It's usually a bigger deal as you deliver your second child because the antibodies try to form at the delivery of your first, but if they are able to catch it and keep things well, that will be all for the better. A friend of mine is RH- and married to a RH+. They actually wont have any more kids b/c of the issues with her 2nd son. But hers wasnt caught with the first son until labor. Since they've caught yours early, you'll be fine!

I am just so excited for you. I cant wait to see more pictures and watch your little one grow!

Michele said...

A follow up on the OB- yes, start interviewing NOW. You want a doctor that understands your needs. A friend of mine just went to the local practice (she's miscarried twice) and this entire pregnancy she's been seen maybe 5 times (she's 31w now) and they've treated her like this is her first, no-big-deal pregnancy. It's just about killed her. Find an OB who understands your history and who will give you the attention you deserve! It may mean falling in love with the first you meet or searching around a bit. But yes, do start now!

Rose's Daughter said...

YEAH!!!!And I agree with everyone else, make that appointment now!

S said...

I'm so glad that everything turned out okay and the baby is doing fine.

All the best, rest up and take care!!