Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ugghhhh I hate it!

I hate seeing this red blood!

Probably TMI below....

I go all day with no bloody was dark brown which I was fine with.

I'm sitting in the chair at the hair salon and I start cramping. Not like an Oh my Goodness I'm about to pass out pain but enough pain to make me uncomfortable and it went on for about 7-10 minutes. Then after getting my hair done I stand up and feel a gush. Go to the bathroom and blood all on my panty liner. Change to a pad and leave. Don't feel anymore flow on my way home but obviously bothered that I was 1. cramping then 2. bleeding at the same time.

I never got a gush yesterday so this is clearly more than I had the day before.

Called the on call nurse and she says because they saw a SCH yesterday that may happen but they are not worried unless it is AF lingering cramps and the blood is gushing like AF. How the freak can they not be worried. How can they tell me this is normal?

I've gone to the bathroom about 2 or 3 more times and each time more blood is on the tissue. Not cramping anymore but the blood is there and I hate it.

RE had told me on Tuesday that I could come in tomorrow if I needed to, if things got worse or I needed reassurance. But how long will this go on. Do I rush to the doctor each time to see the heartbeat or do I trust what they say about it being normal with a SCH.

Ugghhh this sucks!


Molly said...

T, I totally feel for you, this is exactly what happened to me, and at the same time (i left you a post few days ago about it) I went to RE every single time after each bleeding, then I just got used to it. They never said no, no reason was ever found and then it just stopped. This is apparently very common in the IVF pregnancies. As I understand, its because we load our bodies with so much crap to grow follies so the body is then getting rid of the extra tissues we grew around the time it would be the regular AF, maybe few days after, even though there is now a baby in there. I am sure it will stop. Since you did see the baby, you are having the exactly same issue like i had. Send me your email address thhrough one of my posts on my blog (then remove it) Ill add you to my private blog so you can read about what happened to me and see that its actaully really very common

Molly said...

Thanks. I sent it. I dont remember exact dates but you can read my blog from the beginning if you have lots of time... I think the bleeding I had was around November/December. It had a happy ending and yours will too !! You will see that towards the end of the bleeding I just didn't care anymore. The baby was fine, blood unexplained so I just let it go. The first few times I was totally freaked out and didnt sleep at all being sure im m/c'ing. its the same baby I still have in my tummy !!

Michele said...

There's going to be blood because of the SCH. It sucks and it is just one more fear to have to content with. But seriously, GO back to the RE for reassurance if you need to. That is part of their job! And, let's face it, we all love seeing our little ones on the big screen. :) I know the red blood is disconcerting and it makes you worry like nothing else. I was a mess with Sophia when I bled every day after Nicholas was born. But, one day at a time. You can do this. And once the bleed heals, there will be no more bleeding!

Sending you big hugs!

nishkanu said...

Oh, man, I would be at the RE so fast! Scarey! I would say that if you feel the need for reassurance, don't second-guess yourself, go in.

Alison said...

Well you've already heard my unsolicited story so my only suggestion right now is to rest rest rest!

I just sent you an email and got your out-of-office reply...I hope everything is okay and you're just laying at home taking it easy.