Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hi Daddy ~ 16 weeks

Friday, July 3

Hi Daddy,

Today I am 16 weeks old that is 4 whole months! I am now between 4 and 5 inches long, about the size of Mommy’s mascara and weigh about 3 ounces.

I’ve been practicing my camera poses switching up my facial expressions, squinting, yawning, and grimacing. You know all those little faces that you will find oh so adorable…well I’ve been practicing. Oh yeah Daddy my uterus is fully developed and my ovaries already hold primitive egg cells so in years…many years…I got the goods to make you a Granddaddy! No time soon…though…promise!

My skin is still translucent but I’m working on building the fat to plump me up! Oh yeah my heart is doing its thing…pumping out 25 quarts of blood per day! And last but not least Daddy my eyes are now locked and loaded in their final destination! Now facing forward rather than the side of my head. I know you would have loved me regardless…right?!? I know…but much better to have them in the front where they go! How else would I be able to admire myself in the mirror!

Well Daddy that’s it for this week….but guess what Daddy….only 5 more months….yep 5 months and I get to meet you and mommy. I’m so excited! Until next time….

Love You,

Your Little Minnie Me

Nothing much going on with me to report. Thanks for the comments about the doc. And Pam, you know I'm not going anywhere!


Flower said...

Little Miracle is on fire!! She has been really busy. Only 5 more months. I am so excited for you. Take care.

Michele said...

How adorable! I never get tired of reading these letters. They are so lovely and what a great momento to have to show her when she's older.

Christina said...

Happy 16 weeks!! I really need to get my lazy butt to the post office. I have something for you, and believe me I have had it since you told me you were having a girl! I promise Ill do it this week! Love ya!

wanda said...

Creating life is amazing. Enjoy every minute of it, okay?