Monday, February 9, 2009

Final Depot Lupron shot.....

The final Depot Lupron shot will be given tonight. Although as much as it seems time has been standing still and going ever so slowly, I must admit that the time has at the same time flew by. I know from tonight the time should speed by and I should be stimming in no time.

Along with the final depot lupron shot I start 2 Estradiol patches (Vivelle-Dot) tonight as well, which I will change 2x a week. (Oh funny thing about that, I picked it up from Walgreens instead of the pharmacy the RE normally uses. The lady at Walgreens when I called to ask if it was ready she said well I needed to confirm the dose. She said have you ever used the patches before and I was like yes. She said so you're supposed to wear two patches at one time, I said yes. She said we've never heard of such a thing, and she was like and you change them once a week. I was like no, two patches changed twice a week. She was like oh my, um okay. I hung up and was LOL.....they don't understand the life of an infertile! They also put for the mouth on my label and I'm pretty sure that should be put in my 'Lucy' but I'll double check with the nurse just to be sure). Tomorrow morning I meet with Dr. Duncan the hematologist to discuss my blood work results. And my best friend and God Baby will arrive in town tomorrow for a week, which will make the rest of this week speed by.

Next Monday I have my SHG and nurse consult which gives me something to look forward to next week.

Then the week after that we will be in Vegas from Thursday to Sunday for DH's birthday. And I've never been so I'm really excited about that.

We get back on Sunday, March 1st and the Monday following, March 2nd I have my Endo Biopsy and I start prometrium for 7 days. I stop that Sunday the 8th of March and I start stims that Wednesday the 11th.

It feels great to have a timeline to work with. It makes the waiting easier because it gives you something to look forward to, something to focus your time on. Even though the appointments I'm having are not nice appointments and can be quite painful at times I'm looking forward to it because I know that brings me one step closer....crazy...yeah I know!

Those who have been following my blog know that I'm an addict and I'm addicted to POAS. I have already begun to get my stock right for my IVF cycle. I currently have 24 HPTs at home. read right.....24. I still need to get 20 FRER and my stock will be complete. I like to test out the trigger from like the 5th day after either 2DP3DT or 0DP5DT. The last couple of times I've had a 3 day transfer but hopefully this time I will have enough embryos to make it to a 5 day transfer, especially since we are planning to do PGD. Oh but back to my test, I have 4 Clearblue Easy Digital test - I don't test with these daily....only when I have a reason to confirm something I've seen on the line test. I also have 10 EPT test because I like to have something to compare against the FRER and 10 Accuclear test. I only use FRER in the beginning until I know the trigger is gone and then I start using the other test and compare all of them. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know.... My name is T@sh!d@ and I'm a POAS addict! LOL!

Oh my goodness. I have a friend that I met through FF and her name is LeLe. She has twins through IVF and we've remained close friends since meeting on FF. I went to NYC to see the Color Purple play and she met me up there and showed me, my mom, my best friend and her mom around until she started bleeding. She was only about 5-6 weeks along after IVF and it freaked all of us out. We called the ambulance and they took her soon as they closed the doors I broke down crying. One because I knew her history and what she went through to get to that point and two because I would never forgive myself if she lost the pregnancy taking us around to sightsee. However, we went on to our play and during the intermission I called her and she said everything was okay and both babies had a heartbeat. We were too thrilled for her....not only did she find out at that moment the baby was okay but she also found out it was two in there and they both were okay! So we have stayed very close after that. We talk through email everyday back and forth while we're at work and I plan to make another trip back up there in May. Okay now to my point and the Oh my goodness that I started with. I was talking to LeLe about my HPT stash and said that I had to buy 20 more FRER and she bought them for me and sent the confirmation to my email. I'm beyond speechless and thankful and grateful. Although I've spent most of the time bashing her for spending that much money on test for me, I'm moved that she was so caring and willing to help out with me when she has her two girls at home. But I know her real motive.....she is a POAS addict too and now she will want me testing like 5 times a day! LeLe....if you're reading this...I'm sticking to my guns....Only twice a day! Once in the morning and once at night! Thank you again my lady....that was very very nice of you.


Kymberli said...

Good luck, T! I really hope that this is THE sticky cycle for you. From one peeaholic to another, I hope that this time the lines only get darker!

Anonymous said...

Tashida, I told you not to blog about me or else. So now you have earned a notorious beating from a very short person LOL. Just kidding, you know I believe this is your time. Can't wait to count down the months with you to your labor.

Its Lele