Friday, May 30, 2008

New Poem

To the right --> Check it out. Describes exactly how I feel. Still waiting and waiting and waiting. Trying to remain patient, but that gets more difficult as each TTC anniversary pass me by.


Susan said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting. I've been slacking in the reading and writing part.

I love this poem. This line caught in my throat: "You'd have what you want, but you wouldn't know Me." How true that is. I have what I want, but the journey is not over. I'm half way there. I can't imagine being in this boat four years ago. The view and the experience would have been so different. Easier and less stressful, no doubt, but I would not have appreciated the journey as much and I probably would not appreciate God as much as I do now. So, though you can never truly know God fully, I think we IF'ers do know him better than most.

I know that the wait is unbearable ... hang in there. You are going to have a wonderful time in Jamaica and your body and mind will be better prepared to receive those awesome embryos.

It was good hearing from you. I'll make a better effort to start reading my friends' blogs more often.

Ms. J said...

Loved the poem. Sometimes I absolutely hate Hope. But She is the strongest thing I know. That, and Faith.

Adrian & Tashida said...

Susan: Thank You! And yes, I do believe that our journey brings us closer to Him. The countless tears we cry it all brings us closer.

Ms. J: That is TOO funny that you mention faith and hope. Monday night I asked DH what he thought of the names Faith and Hope and he said they're nice. I was like good, because if we have twin girls I want to name them Faith and Hope. Mind you we've had names picked out since forever and it wasn't Faith and Hope, but that just seems fitting after all we've gone through to try to get them here!