Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thanks everyone for the well wishes!! My first appt will be at 8 weeks along on Dec 20th! I promise to try to keep everyone updated with what's going on.

As for Ms. Miracle.... She will be 1 in a few weeks on Christmas Eve! She is my little busy body and so friendly and outgoing. She has been walking since she was 8 1/2 months old. Can say da-da, Ma-ma, baby, DeeBo(our dog name), love you, ba ba, stop, no, sit down, ruff-ruff, thank you. May be forgetting a few but she is moving right along. Waves and blows kisses to anyone she passes or sees. Absolutely in love with my little Diva baby! Now if I can only get her to STTN in her crib... She sleeps STTN just fine in our bed. Any suggestions??


Timmik said...

I cant wait, dont have any suggestions for a baby that old, is she still too young for a stuffed animal? maybe put something in the crib that smells like u, I do dream feedings for my daughter. On the weekends I will put her in the bed with me after her 5 am feeding and she will sleep until 9 or 10 with me I like sleeping in on the weekends.

Rahkeeta Rogers (FB Friend) said...

OMG....I am so happy for you!!! This is a blessing. WOW...I am going to pray for a healthy nine months and a healthy baby. Baby girl is so pretty and she sounds so smart!!!! Take it easy and let God do the rest. Be Blessed!!!