Saturday, January 26, 2008

At it Again

Well I thought that I would pick back up with the blogging thing again. I have so much going through my head and I feel that this would be the best place to journal my thoughts and hopefully get some feedback from those of you out there reading.

Update since my last post in November 2007:

I still haven't made it to that IVF cycle. I didn't respond the way I wanted to for that cycle so it was converted to a double IUI which was a BFN as well - the story of my life.

I had a baseline the first week in January were 3 cysts were found, so once again my cycle was put on hold and I had to start BCPs.

Back again on that next Friday for a cyst check, one cyst gone 2 still there. Continue BCPs and stop on this Monday and come back in when AF (Aunt Flo) starts.

I just started doing acupuncture last Monday and I have another session on Monday afternoon. I take my last BCP on Monday and wait for AF which should start on Thursday and I will attempt my baseline again on Friday.

I'm not feeling too hopeful as I still feel a lot of tingles and cramps in my ovaries so I'm not to hopeful that the cysts are gone. I hope they are but if my ovaries were quiet and suppressed like they should be I highly doubt I would be feeling what I have been.

I'm just so tired of the waiting game and my body letting me down. I just only hope and pray that my cysts are gone at my baseline on Friday.

Now that I've updated, I can jump right back into this blogging thing!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I surfed onto your blog from FF. =) I was glad to see that you posted about your LAP, I'm having my first (hopefully last) one done next Friday (as well as a hysteroscopy the day before)...and I've been a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. Hope you get your BFP this month!

Adrian & Tashida said...

Good Luck with your lap. Its not bad at all. I hope they give you pics of before and after so you can see the difference! Thanks! Dito to you after your surgery as well.