Friday, December 18, 2009

40 Weeks - NADA!

Nada! Zilch! Absolutely nothing going on! My doc wasn't in today and the midwife checked me. Said that I'm still high, tight, and closed! She said even if I wanted a membrane sweep that once again it wasn't going to happen because it couldn't be reached.

As patient as I'm trying to be, it was still quite disappointing when I left. I really want my natural water birth and don't want to start getting preached to about inducing. I let a few tears flow about the disappointment, but still holding out hope that Miracle will decide to drop down and get to work. I know how quickly things can change from nothing to something, but it would have felt good to have SOME change, you know.

So here I sit...still patiently waiting for my precious cargo to be delivered.

Oh yeah - you probably remember my post at 38 weeks saying I was 30% effaced, +1 station and a fingertip dilated. Yeah I don't know what that nurse practitioner was checking because every since then I've gotten the same report that nothing has changed....cervix high, tight and closed.


Michele said...

WOW!!! 40 weeks!!! I cant believe it!!! I am just so happy for you. So very happy. I cant wait to see Miracle!!!

Come on little M! It is your birthday! Bring it on girl!

Christina said...

40 weeks!! You rock Momma! :)

Alicia said...

Im not surprised by this at all. Making it to 40 weeks as a first time mom is completely normal because your body has never did this before! Miracle will be here very soon! God bless!

wanda said...

Little Miss Miracle is taking her sweet time. I can't wait til she comes. Hubby and I have a bet going on. I told him you will have her on christmas and he says the 28th....What does he know. Anyway, she needs to hurry. She have a lot of ppl waiting on her.

Molly said...

OH wow the time surely flied ! Have you tried what I tried, like the accupuncture and the foot massage ? Especially the latter is what got my labor started. Or maybe by the time you read this she will be already born lol