Sunday, December 20, 2009

Emergency Room x 3

So Thursday around 4pm hubby starts feeling sick. His stomach is cramping, he is throwing up and have diarrhea. Finally around midnight he is in enough pain to want to go to the emergency room. We wait and wait. I have a very impatient husband. Around 2:20am he is ready to leave the emergency room. The lady said we were next to be called back but I was unable to convince my stubborn husband to wait. So I stop by Wal.greens on the way home and pick him up so Kaeo.peptate to hopefully soothe his stomach. He throws all that back up and the cycle continues. Finally around 5am he has had enough and wants to go BACK to the emergency room. So I take him back and they give him an IV bag and a bunch of meds. I had my 40 week doctors appt so I had to leave him there run home to bring him mom home and I was about to get on the road for the hour ride to my doctors. He calls back and says he is done to come and get him because he wanted to go with me. So I head back to the hospital and we head up for my appointment. By the time this was all over...I was up for a total of 27 hours before I was able to take a nap.

You've already read how my appointment went. High, tight and closed.

So Saturday morning I wake up and now I have diarrhea, and I'm also contracting about every 7 minutes. Not real painful, but some of them were enough to have me pause and breath through them. Decided to get in the tub to try and determine if these are the real deal or not. Stomach was feeling icky so wasn't able to eat anything. Ate a few crackers and a few pieces of fruit candy before getting in the tub to see if that would stay down. While in the tub I threw all of that back up. (not in my water, hubby grabbed the trash can for me). The contractions continue while in the water, but not as painful. Hubby and I go for a walk a little later and I tried to eat a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Was only about to eat about half before I started feeling like I was about to throw it back up. Through all of this the diarrhea was continuing and I had more fluids coming out of me than going in me.

So during all this time that I'm dealing with throwing up and diarrhea, so is Adr!an's dad. (His mom, dad, and grandma came down from Ohio to meet the new arrival). Adr!an's dad had also been sick all morning. So now we're thinking that Adr!an was not sick from what he ate on Friday but more so a stomach bug that he has passed around. Adr!an's dad has a few issues like Diabetic, and heart issues so he lost all strength not being able to keep anything on his stomach and we had to call 911 to the house to come and get him around 9pm.

After this and me not being able to keep any food on my belly, hubby insist I call the doctor to let her know it was now about 930pm. I took my temp before doing this and it was 99.6. I waited a few minutes and took it again and it was 100.2 so I finally agreed to call the doc. She said when we have a fever the baby also has a fever and she wanted to bring us in just to check and make sure everything is okay. The hospital is an hours drive away so by the time we get to LnD around 1050pm I no longer had a fever. They hook me up on the monitors to watch how Miracle is doing. They also did another cervix check to see if the contractions was doing aything. Still really high and closed, but soft. The nurse also started an IV bag to get me hydrated again. While on the bag they noticed that Miracle heart was having decels after some of my contractions and they were concerned about that. They had me roll on my side to see if that would help but she was still having quite a few of them. Nurse called my doc and they made the decision to have me stay overnight to continue to monitor Miracle and also to get this ultrasound....forgot what it was called first thing in the morning. So at 7am they took me to get the ultrasound. I didn't get to see a side profile or anything of Miracle because they were checking on her heart rate, her fluid levels and how her placenta was looking (wasn't the luxury type ultrasounds you get at the doctors office). They took me back to my room and I had to wait to hear the results from that. While waiting the nurse came in and said we may need to decide to induce, but if the results come back bad, we won't have an option about inducing, it will be a must. She said it would be a while before the results came back, so Adr!an decided to go home and tend to the dogs and come back. While he was gone my doctor came in and talked to me about everything going on. She said the test came back good. She said the highest the baby can score is 8/8 and Miracle scored an 8/8. She said the heart rate strip has looked good all morning and Miracle was tolerating the contractions good with no decels. She said Miracle was a bit distressed last night but she believes it was because I was dehydrated and not feeling well myself. She said if you want to be induced today I will induce you. I asked her how that would work since my cervix is not favorable and if an induction would even work. (I'm well aware if you start these things and your body is not ready they can lead to c-sections and stuff, because the clock starts at the hospital when you start interventions like these). She said because my cervix is not favorable it would probably take about 2 days or so for the induction to start working and then into labor. I asked her what she thought and she said because Miracle is looking good now, that she is comfortable waiting a few days and see what happens....especially since my cervix isn't quite ready for an induction. So she told me when I come in for my appt on Wednesday that they will do that ultrasound test again and if Miracle still looks good then she will discuss induction for after Christmas on like Saturday or Sunday. I was then discharged from the hospital and told to call if I sense any movement changes in Miracle or labor starts. I'm still dealing with this diarhea nonsense...but just trying to keep myself hydrated.

Adr!an's dad is still in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. As I said above he has many other issues other than what Adr!an and I may have had, so all of those compounded together is making things worse for him.

So that was my event filled weekend.

Oh yeah: Yes, I'm doing all of the things to help move her down from walking, to rocking on the yoga ball, to squatting, went and got a nice massage....everything I can.


Michele said...

I wonder if your Miracle wants to be a "Christmas Miracle"!!!! I hope that she gets her show on the road; I know you are so excited to see her (as are we!) :)

Flower said...

Don't forget to have the big "O"...LOL

You are your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

Every one of my 4 kids had to be induced. I guess I just don't go into labor on my own! My first pregnancy was twins, and I had labor induced at 41 weeks. Combined baby weight of the twins was over 13 lbs! Induced labor can be fast or slow, depending on how your body reacts to the oxytocin, and every pregnancy for the same woman is different too. As long as your baby gets here healthy, no matter how he or she gets here, you have done a good job.

wanda said...

OMG What a wknd ur family has had. My prayers are with his dad for a speedy recovery. That darn Adrian got everyone sick. There's no telling where he picked that bug up since all these germs are going around.

Glad to hear that Miracle is still doing good just taking her sweet time coming.