Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ears Pierced

Tomorrow Miracle will be 3 months old! My how the time has flown. She got her ears pierced by the doctors office today. She cried briefly and was full of smiles right after.

Oh and a recent pic of the two of us.

As for me Miracle is doing great. We took her to the cardiologist about 2 weeks ago to check on a heart murmur. She weighed 13lbs 1 oz then. She will be 3 months tomorrow. She has been rolling from her back to her tummy for about a month now, but has recently been mastering it. As soon as I lay her on her back if thats not what she wants she immediately rolls over. She is pulling herself up to a sitting position. Can sit by herself for a little bit. Talks up a storm. Just very advanced for her age! I go back to work in about 2 weeks. I got an interview for a great job opportunity coming up next week, so I'm praying I get this new job.


Rae said...

3 months, wow! It seems like they learn something new every day. Mine is 8 months old tomorrow, and I'm still amazed every day!
Looks like you have your shape back. Looking good mama! :)

Christina said...

Your both gorgeous!! :)

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous girl! How time flies huh?

Lissa said...

She is a doll baby! You both look great! Mommyhood suits you. :)

She is at a fun age. I always loved the cooing stage where they are just really learning that they have control of their voice. I remember my niece being very full of smiles at that age.

I can't wait to see some more pictures!

Michele said...

so glad Miracle is doing so well!!! Great news!!!

RB said...

Life sounds great T! :)

Hua said...


I'm glad your little one is doing so well. She looks so happy!

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