Sunday, November 30, 2008

Playing Catch up

I had an Endometrial Biopsy done on Tuesday, November 25th. I was kind of nervous going in there because I had read online about women saying it was the most painful thing they ever experienced in their life even worse than labor, so I didn't know what to freaking expect. But it wasn't that bad, uncomfortable yeah, kind of a bite your lip moment then its all over. I won't find out the results for about a week I think.

AF started on Friday and I'm supposed to start Depot Lupron within five days of starting to be on Lupron for 2 months before attempting my next IVF cycle. However, I'm waiting on my OB/GYN doctor to confirm that its covered by insurance and the lady didn't call me back Wednesday and I guess they have been closed every since because of the Thanksgiving holiday. So I will have to call on Monday to see what the deal is with that.

Other than that nothing much else going on. I may have to order the Lupron from Canada if my insurance doesn't cover it because it costs over $600 here and only $199 in Canada. So we shall see what happens with that.


Ms. J said...

I honestly thought the HSG Test (dye shot through the tubes) was the most F'in painful thing EVER - but one of mine had a spasm during it, which can happen, and I am told that it why it hurt so much. By comparison, the other wasn't nearly as bad.

I am so glad you survived your endometrial biopsy - you are a tough cookie!!!

Rae said...

I'm glad it didn't hurt, but more importantly, glad it's over! I've never had a biopsy, but I did have the hsg. I was so freaking scared to get it because I read online everywhere that it was horrible. Turns out that it didn't hurt at all. Just uncomfortable when they put the speculum in. Things are moving right along and smoothly for you!

Michele said...

I've only had an HSG which wasnt horrible but was uncomfortable. WOW about the cost. That is insane. I feel lucky that our insurance covers stuff. For a "failed" cycle, it's my $4000 period... Eek!