Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lupron Drama

Well for me. Got my results back from my Endo Biopsy and all is normal. Which is good news....I suppose. So what is the reason for the chemicals....thats what I want to know!

I was supposed to start Depot Lupron for 2 months on Monday and it has been a complete disaster trying to get that started and getting insurance to cover it. Finally thinking I got a break through went to the doctor this morning to get the injection (mind you to an appointment that was made specifically for the injection) only to get there and after 40 minutes of waiting to be told that they don't have the medicine and that they don't keep it in stock nor do they order it. Long story short the Lupron for one month will cost $650 so for 2 months thats $1300 out of pocket as the insurance doesn't cover it. So I'm debating just canceling that idea all together and cycling in Jan. So hubby asked the question, what will be done different that wasn't done the past 2 times that you had a chemical and it didn't work and this is all I can come up with:

  • Switch my meds up to a different brand
  • Start me out on the max dose instead of gradually increasing
  • Have my largest mature go to size 21-22 instead of 18 so we can have more that are mature.
  • If we have enough fertilize do PGD
  • Take Heparin instead of Baby Aspirin which they give those who have frequent miscarriages
  • Endometrial Biopsy that came back clear
  • Karyotyping testing which will confirm if we NEED PGD

Is this enough to go out on the limb and try IVF again......or should we really dish out $1300 for an experiment on Lupron.....ugghhh...

That was a post from this morning. Update now, is that I found some Lupron in Canada that is much cheaper than it is here in the US. I bought the two that I need for the two months including shipping and it came to $599.97 instead of $1300. So I will start my shots when my next period start which is around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I was a little upset about being pushed back, but what can you do. After dealing with IF for over 5 years you learn that things never work out the way you want them to.

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Michele said...

Oh sweetie... It's never easy and this crap just isnt fair. I have no advice, just that I'm sending you guys my prayers.