Thursday, December 4, 2008

SHG Today

Got my SHG done today. It did hurt, not the procedure itself but putting the speculum in hurts the worst in my opinion. I did feel some cramping when the catheter went in, quick process then over. But the good news is she said it was normal and she was very happy with how my uterus looked.

I have a timeline for my next IVF:

Dec 28th – 1st Lupron Depot Injection
Jan 23rd – 2nd Lupron Depot Injection
Feb 18th – Start BCPs for 10 days
Feb 27th – Last BCP
March 2nd – AF starts / Baseline
March 3rd – Start Injections
March 14th – Tentative ER
March 19th – Tentative ET

I will then be on 300iu Gonal F in the a.m. and 225iu Gonal F and 75iu Menopur in the p.m. I requested the Menopur be added as it is something I was on for my first cycle and I had a good response. I’m not sure if it was because of the Bravelle or the Menopur or the combination together, but what I’m sure of is that I did not like the response I got from Follistim. I requested to go back to Bravelle as well, but my doctor was adamant about not putting me on it, as she hates the drug and has had no good experiences from it. So I’m hoping that the change from Follistim to Gonal F and adding in Menopur will give me a better response. I’m also hoping for more mature follicles, and for more to fertilize so that we can get PGD done.

I’m starting to get excited about it now. Still seems so far away but seeming more real now as I’ve had to go to the doctor so much lately.

I’m really praying that being on the Lupron Depot for 2 months will be the trick I need to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

I have a phone consultation with Dr. Sher at SIRM in NY tomorrow to get his opinion about my history and what he would do differently. Will update about what he said tomorrow.

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Michele said...

Sorry it hurt. None of these tests are picnics. Sometimes it just feels like insult to injury. You seem to be more chipper, always nice to see. :-) I'm glad you have a plan. I think that's great.