Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My plan....

Well my plan is not working out too well. Dr. Ory in FL doesn't do phone consults, wants to see all his patients in person for the consult. I'm not going all the way to FL to meet him and I may not like him or what he has to say. Dr. Levy will do a phone consult but they are already in the January appointment booking, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

What I'm thinking is I may just swtich to Dr. Toledo at RBA and if it doesn't work this time with the Lupron then look at going to Dr. Levy depending on his Endo back ground or to Dr. Sher for the next attempt.


Flower said...

Girl, you have been busy. I can't believe all the stuff you have uncovered! G/L with the upcoming cycle.

Michele said...

That sucks! Phone consults can be just as fruitful as in person ones. I'm sorry that avenue isn't working out for you. Perhaps you are being directed to this path for a reason that will be apparent in a few months! Fingers are crossed for you!

GreysonsMom said...


Hi, I'm new to your blog. I just wanted to say that you and your husband are such a beautiful couple. You both look so young.
My husband and I are thinking about cycling one last time in March or sometime next year.
I would love to support you during your next cycle. I've actually been to a SIRM office and cycled with Dr. Ahlering (of St. Louis). He was good but it still didn't work. If I could afford it I would cycle with him again.
Have you been on SIRM's website and their chat room? I used to be a regular there, I got a ton of great information. And that how I actually decided to cycle at SIRM.
My dh and I took a break from cycling and adopted a baby boy. We love him to pieces. He is truly a gift from G-d.