Friday, December 26, 2008


Well DH's father was discharged from the ICU yesterday around 4pm. We went to his grandmothers to have Christmas dinner. His father was napping and it looked like he was still have a few issues breathing while he was sleeping. We finished eating and they (mom & dad) went home and we made another stop. DH and his brother decided to go to their cousin's bar for a few drinks. DH was adamant that I go, I was adamant that I didn't want to go. For some reason I just wasn't feeling going out last night. Low and Behold around 1:30 his mom comes and knocks on my door and said I gotta take Dad back to the ER. I get up and call Adr!@n and they rushed back. It was very very icy out and Dad didn't want to call an Ambulance so we drove him to the hospital. I probably held my breath the whole time by the way DH was driving. We took two cars and we made it there before they did to try to get someone ready for when they drove up. Nothing happened. By the time they drove up, DH was cursing at anything breathing because no one was moving. I ended up grabbing a wheelchair and pushed it outside myself to get Dad inside. He was gasping for air and crying and this put Adr!@n and his brother and sister over the edge. It was tough to watch and DH was so upset and angry, one of those you have to stay out the way and just let him work through it type deals.

His Dad was made stable and finally checked back in into ICU around 6:15 into the same room he was in earlier....3138. We finally leave the hospital around 6:30 but his mom stayed here with his dad. We were back up here at 11. So needless to say we are all working off fumes right now. The docs think his dad may have had a minor heart attack last night, and they are now discussing what treatments will be happening now.

We were planning on going back home on Sunday, but I'm not sure what DH's plans are now. We originally drove up here, but I may just fly back on Sunday so I can get back to work, or maybe DH will drive us back on Sunday and fly back out if he is needed. Right now its all up in the air.

So keep the prayers coming....we still need them.


Ms. J said...

I thought about all of you while I was at mass on Christmas Day and said a prayer.

FeyIndigoWolf said...

Absolutely sending my prayers. It's never easy dealing with stuff at the holidays.