Friday, August 7, 2009

Playing Catch-up

I know...I know...I have completely sucked at updating. Thanks to you ladies who sent me messages asking me what the dealio was.

I think the problem was when I stopped writing my 'Hi Daddy' letters that I ran out of things to talk about. Hubby still asks for his letters, but I just haven't written anymore of them. You know they all were wrote from scratch, I researched on different websites and found pictures, etc to write the letter. A little time consuming, and fun at first, then it got old. I do kind of miss them though and seeing his face as he was reading it. Don't know...maybe I'll start back...we'll see.

Last Friday I hit 20 weeks. Hard to believe that I'm half way there. Today I am 21 weeks. Unbelievable. I can feel Miracle kicking all the time now, everybody else but DH can feel her kicking too. DH doesn't have the patience to wait for her to kick. Sometimes she can be kicking like back to back like 10 times and I have someone place his or her hand there and she stops. Its like she knows its not my hand and she gets shy or something. So of course every time DH tries she stops, but he never waits long enough for her to start back up. He says he can wait till he can see my belly moving and it will be no mistaking the kicks then. It's a wonderful feeling. I often wonder what in the world is she doing in there sometimes. Sometimes I think she is using my bladder or other organs as a punching bag or something because she is bored. I love it! Every single minute of it! I'm sure the BTDT mom's will quickly say wait till she is bigger with her foot up in your ribs. Yeah I know that must be uncomfortable but right now I'm enjoying every single minute of this! I love being pregnant. I love even more being able to feel my baby move and know she is in there without having to get the doppler to let me know.

Let's see...what else.

We have the 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled for Sept 5th. DH always wanted it and I didn't. I wanted how she looked to be a complete surprise and sometimes those 3D pictures look exactly like the baby. We chose the 24-26 week time because they say you can still see the head and part of the body at this time. After that time you will only get face shots or other body part shots as its simply not enough room for anything else to fit in the frame. Of course I'll share some of these here!

Huumm...what else.

Oh yeah I will have my baby shower here in Georgia, Oct 10th and my baby shower in South Carolina (my home town) on Oct 24th .

Hubby and I are taking a one day birthing class at a hospital (not the one we're doing the waterbirth at, but one closer to our home) on Oct 17th. My doula wanted us to the Bradley method classes, which take a whole 12 weeks, and DH was like NO WAY. So I found a class for 8 hours just so we can get the gist of what goes on. We still have to schedule the waterbirth class at the hospital that we are delivering at as well as the hospital tour, but right now their dates only go out to the end of August and I didn't want either of those till like October time or the earliest Sept.

What else??

Oh yeah, hubby and I are doing our maternity photos on Nov 7th. Can't wait to do those and see how they turn out. I can't believe how much these people charge for maternity photos! After many many hours and days of searching I finally found a decent priced photographer that did the quality of pictures and type of pictures I wanted for a reasonable price. She has also been booked to do our newborn photo shoot, which will be done within the first 10 days of birth. I really wanted to capture that small fragile newborn phase in the pictures. Can you tell, I'm excited about the pictures!!

Let see....what am I missing??

DH and I still haven't bought anything for Miracle. I think I was kinda of scared to even let my mind venture there. But now with almost 4 months to my due date and if she decides to come before 40 weeks....less than that we need to get on the ball. We have decided to purchase our nursery furniture on the 1st of Sept, so that will be exciting. Some people say wait till the shower some say don't. So we decided to get a few big items. I still have quite a bit of higher priced items for those that wanted to spend more. But what I was telling those who said wait is, I can't rely on people to furnish our nursery so we would rather do it little by little so we don't have a whole lot to do at the last minute. Well I did buy 2 things already...I bought the wood letters of Miracle name to hang in the nursery. They are being hand-painted as we speak. Found a company that hand paints the letter to match the nursery theme, which is the Kid.s So.ft and Fu.zzy Po.oh. She is also doing the outlet covers as well. I'll post pictures when I get those back. Plus I ordered some wall decals to hang in the nursery and that's it. We have a list of things we are going to buy on the 1st then we will wait to see what we get from the showers and then get the rest of the items we wanted that maybe we didn't get at the showers.

Okay, so maybe I should update more often. Because I really didn't think I had anything going on to talk about, but obviously I do from this long drawn out post.

Oh yeah last thing. I had my 3-week appt today. My OB likes to see her patients every 3 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks thing. All is well, just the simple appt where they do the blood pressure, test the urine and listen to the heartbeat. I think she said I'm doing my glucose test at my next appt in 3 weeks. Praying that I pass the first test with flying colors and don't have to worry about any follow-up test with that.

Awh and the belly pic. I feel huge....yet everyone tells me I look so small. You can be the judge:

19 weeks:

20 weeks:

21 weeks:


Flower said...

Boy when you come out of hiding you post a lot...LOL. I loved reading it all. The pic are great. You look great. Your link didn't work..or maybe something is wrong with my puter..but I'm sure it is beautiful. Glad everything went well with your appt and little Miracle is making herself known with her kicks.

wanda said...

Glad you posted some pics. I've been checking and was going to shoot you an email today. You are so tiny and nothing but boobs. You may be one of those women that blow up at the end......LOL

I know that feeling is amazing. You have waited so long for this. I'm so happy for you and A. BTW the pics at your grandmother bday party you all look fab and you favor your mom. I know they are so excited.

Anyway I'm glad that Auntie Wanda get to see some updated pics :) I love the belly shots.

Michele said...

You look great! I'm so glad to hear that Miracle is kicking and keeping you busy! :) I love to get kicked... it's a great feeling.

I loved- no LOVED- our Bradley Classes. You can take them with multiple classes at once if you dont want to do 12 days but they are well worth it, IMO. Hospital classes focus a lot on the interventions hospitals do and on teaching you to be a good patient, which isnt always about being a good advocate for you and baby. But, you are a tough cookie, so I am sure you will separate the BS from the good stuff!

Just SOOOOO happy for you! Cant wait to hear more!!!

RB said...

You're looking great T!

Anonymous said...

You look great. Love reading updates! Sounds like you are doing well, glad to hear that...