Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Pics....

We went to Ohio for DH's Grandmother's surprise 75th birthday party this past week.

Dad, Mom, Me & Hubby:

Mom & I:

Me & Hubby:

Just Me:


Christina said...

Your disgustingly beautiful. :)
And I mean that with all the love I have!!! Seriously, you look wonderful, and happy...I'm so happy for you guys. *hugs* Love ya!!

Michele said...

lovely!!! you look great!!!

Michele said...

Just got your comment... I put my hands so that I can link them over where the babies are. If I kept them just over my belly button I could still make the heart but since the babies have gotten bigger, I cant "hold" them within the heart anymore.

Ms. J said...

You look stunning in that dress!!!

Hey, we need an update on how you are doing and feeling?!