Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Follow-Up

Molly: Btw we have the same bathtub but dont like it. That tub came with a mesh holder. Did the one you have not have the mesh holder?

Molly: what are yo going to do with all that stuff, are you going to organize it? I plan on spending my next couple days/weeks going through stuff. We got duplicates of some stuff, double, triple, quadruple some items. Lots of size 0-3 months of clothes and socks. Like 25 newborn knit hats, like 20 wash clothes, etc. So I will be spending time going through it all, deciding what to keep, what to exchange for a bigger size, what to exchange for something else needed, etc. So when its all said and done, yes it will all be organized. Hopefully sooner than later so my nursery can be complete and I can sit back and wait on my little Miracle to arrive.

Rae: DON'T open all that stuff and wash it all. No, wasn't planning on doing that. Will only wash bare minimum what is needed now and wash the other items as the time comes when its time to use it. She has loads and loads of clothes and I'm sure no way possible that it will all be used before she out grows it all. I plan on exchanging some of the clothes out for bigger sizes/different seasons too.

Alicia: isn't it amazing how generous people are. It is. I am still truly amazed. Every time I walk into the nursery and see all this stuff, I am just so thankful!


Molly said...

Lol i also thought I will organize everything. Mission impossible. Hopefully you will have a better luck ! I would take some pictures of my piles but i dont want to alert social services

The bathtub we got doesnt have a mesh holder, but the inbuilt seat and that is not very cozy for the babies. Sydney loves her bath but i think we could do a better job with a differnet bathtub although at this point i dont think they make the bathtub i think that would work for an infant. i hope you will post some updates how your baths are going. I think we're doing something wrong, however, despite that, sydney still likes it... so who knows

Joshua's Mommy said...

Keep ALL the washcloths....you'll need them believe me.

Hope.Faith.Patience said...

Hi! Sorry I haven't commented in awhile! Wow! you have a lot of gifts- what lovely friends and family you have :-) ANyway I yesterday I went back and read some of your old posts with all the pictures of your positive pee sticks! I have been comparing mine to how yours look and hoping they get darker :-)

Ms. J said...

Update, por favor!

How're you doing?