Monday, August 6, 2007

Failed IVF Consultation - Turned into Baseline

I'm back from my consultation about my failed IVF cycle. I was able to ask all of my questions that I wanted answers to. I asked about the E2 levels and if it effects the lining and he said maybe or maybe not, really hard to say, my lining looked fine at the end but he think I may have developed a polyp and he would want to check that. I asked was assisted hatching done on our embryos and he said no, they don't normally do them on the first cycle, but one of mine was already hatching and the other was well on the way so it was not needed. I asked if it is done for a FET cycle and he said they always do it with FET. I asked what he like to see the lining at before a FET cycle he said 8-10mm. I asked what day our embyros were frozen on and he said he thought it was day 6 and 7 and day 7 isn't as good so if thats the case he would think about putting 3 back in although he don't like putting three back in with someone my age. He went and checked and my embryos are day 5 and 6 so he said that is good and only two can go back in. I asked about the 3 day follow up after transfer to check everything and he said they don't do it unless I run the risk for overstimming but it hasn't been scientifically proven to help anything. I asked about what he said on the website about bedrest and he don't require it because it hasn't been scientifically proven and he said yes, its not necessary and he said the last three studies done showed that the women who didn't do bedrest had a higher success rate than those who did...basically saying it has no effect. And lastly the main question...did I need surgery and he said he didn't think so but if I had developed a polyop then yes I might need it. He asked what CD I was on and said 11 and he was like we can do the ultrasound and HSN (hystersonogram) - (Saline is injected into the uterus and the cavity is viewed with ultrasound) now...then he looked at my folder and was like yeah your insurance covers everything might as well get it done now, but we will have to check again before the actual transfer to make sure. So the consultation appointment turned into an ultrasound and HSN. The ultrasound showed the many endometriums/cyst that I have but the HSN showed all clear and no polyp. So he said that was good and nothing in the inside look like it would effect me not getting pregnant. Told me to get dressed and Sheila my nurse would be in to see me. She came in and gave me my FET schedule. To my amazement they counted today's ultrasound as my Baseline. She started me on Estrogen patches and I start Estrace tonight after I pick up the prescription and back on baby aspirin again. I go back on August 15 for my mid-cycle ultrasound to make sure we have no polyps and the blast transfer is scheduled for August 21st. I was sitting there with my mouth open like are you serious....we're moving right along like right now. And she was like yep because the ultrasound showed your lining was very thin and she was like you must have bled a heck of a lot I was like um...yep! She was like so thats good, its thin now we can work on building it back up and move on. So thats my update.

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