Monday, April 6, 2009

5DP5DT ~ 10DPO Con't

What I learned today:

My E2 was 407 today and my Progesterone was 45. They were happy with both of these. They also threw in a beta just for kicks and giggles. It was a whopping 10. I'm not worried about this at all because its only 10DPO but I'm amazed at how sensitive the CB Digital is to pick it up. So my beta is a day early because I have to go out of town so it will be on 13DPO.

I got a No on this test this morning when I took it along with the CB Digital...but now its says yes which means...hey my HCG is above a 10 now! WooHoo!

Just some other comparisons for your viewing pleasure. DH was like why are you taking 4 different test when you have 10 on the counter saying pregnant already. LOL! Men don't understand!

Also I'm done testing twice a day. Only in the PM now...normally get better lines in the PM anyway. However these test were taken with almost clear P. Sorry TMI but it was not concentrated at all.

Edited to add: We have 5 blast-o-ice babies!


wanda said...

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!! Those numbers are going to keep on climbing.

La La said...

Oh girl, don't feel bad! I am the QUEEEN of obsessive pee test taking! lol

There is not much better than watching those lines get darker!

Sending you ((hugs))

Felicia said...

Yeah, men do not get the POAS obsession that we have! The more positives you see, the more sticks you want to pee on to confirm it. This is so exciting!!

Soapchick said...

I'm very happy for you Tashida - praying this one sticks! Also so exciting on the totcicles!

Ms. J said...

Such wonderful news, all around!

I predict the most blessed of Easters, ever, for you!

Rebecca said...

More great news!!! I'm so happy for you!

Just Call Me Lissa said...

Hah.. my DH didn't understand the pee-stick-o-rama either. :P He was like "Holy crap, you've taken two dozen tests already. You're pregnant. Give it a rest!" :P

I can definitely see the lines getting darker. Hooray!! Can't wait to hear the beta numbers in a few days!

Anita said...

wow wow wow!!! congratulations! If it was me, i'd also be doing a million pee tests just to see all those positives over and over again :) hope you get a great beta!

Boa said...

5 blast-o-ice babies?? Awesome! How long can they keep them frozen? (stupid question but im clueless) I know you wont need them for a long time (until you decide to have more)CONGRATS!!!

Alison said...

wow those tests are sensitive! Congrats on a + beta, hope it continues to get stronger and stronger

And woah - 5 babies on ice!!!! That is such an amazing change - what a difference a new doc and new protocol makes, huh?

Anna said...

Your DH's comment brought a smile to my face.
Many Congratulations on an early positive hCG.
Praying it continues to increase nicely, and that great things are in store for the next nine months.

God Bless,