Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6DP5DT ~ 11DPO

So I will be out of town after my first beta. I emailed my RE to ask him about testing in Ohio on Saturday so I could know if it was doubling or not. His response was:

Hi T@sh!da

I hope the surgery goes well. It would be ok to get your beta drawn in Ohio but the ability to compare it to levels drawn here would be inaccurate given the different labs. I would suggest that you skip having it drawn there so you can focus on helping out with your father in law. This level’s not going to go down! When will you return from Ohio?

Dr. S

So I do understand and if the numbers in Ohio are way off it would probably stress me out. So I'll just keep taking HPT to hold me over. Second beta after Thursday won't be until next Wednesday.


Tiffany said...

Oh I am SO excited for you. They are getting darker, much darker. So stinkin' happy for you. Cannot wait to hear the next beta.

Michele said...

They are getting darker!!! I love it!!! I am so excited for you!!!

Flower said...

Just testing away...I know...I love POAS too...LOL...it is getting darker. Can't wait for your beta tomorrow!

Wanda said...

They are definitely getting darker. I'm so excited to hear those numbers. My prayers will be with you, A and your FIL during his surgery.

Where's my miracle? said...

Looking forward to that beta! Those HPT are getting darker with each day.

La La said...

Yaaaaay! "This beta is not going to go down"...I have chills! I'm so, sooooo excited for you!!