Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nurse home visit

So I have pretty good insurance with A.etna. When I got pregnant they called and congratulated me. Sent me new books on motherhood and stuff. They have had a nurse call me monthly to check on me. Now again...this is my insurance company doing this...nothing to do with my doctors office. So last week they called and said because I'm African American, had the SCH earlier and 2 miscarriages that I could be at risk for pre-term labor and they wanted to send a nurse to my home to discuss pre-term labor and signs to look for. I knew already that African American women were higher risk for pre-term labor, but never knew why. They said its covered 100% by insurance so all you have to do is agree to a time and they come out on weekends too. I was like cool, yeah I would like that.

So the nurse comes today. We watch a 10 minute movie on pre-term labor, different things to look for and what you should do for different situations. Then the nurse went through this book she had brought with her to leave with me. Has all the information in the book that was covered in the movie and a section for me to write down times as I monitor contractions and stuff. I really needed this as I didn't know what a Braxton hick felt like, didn't know the difference between Miracle moving and a Braxton Hick and actually thought and worried about quite frequently how would I know the difference. While she was there I had a Braxton Hick. I put her hand on my belly and said is this what you mean, it lasted about 20 seconds and she said yep thats it. She said these are normal as long as you're not getting a lot in an hour. They recommend that you spend 1 hour laying down and monitoring your uterus to see if you get any contractions at all. I was like wow, a whole hour everyday, thats a lot. But I will start doing it if I do feel my belly tightening up a lot more. Especially now I know what to look for.

They will now also call I think every month...maybe its every week I don't know to check on me. The paper I signed before she left said the cost was $350 but nothing for me since insurance covered it. That was nice of them to be so proactive in helping me bake Miracle longer.


Christina said...

Wow!! That's awesome they do that for you. I'm glad you got some advice on all of that. It can scary not knowing WTH is going on.

Flower said...

That is great. Yahoo for great insurance.

Timmik said...

wow thats great, I have same insurance and had got the book they sent. I am happy your are coming along great.

Michele said...

That is awesome! Our BC/BS does that. I have a nurse that calls every 2w to check in. She is so sweet and tells me she's "praying for the babes" every time before she hangs up.