Monday, September 21, 2009

Tooo Sweet!!

I'm sure you all remember my most favorite nurse Nancy. Nancy was Dr. ML nurse. I was with Dr. ML for a laparoscopy, and 3 IVF's, and 2 chemicals before moving to Dr. S for this last cycle, so Nurse Nancy and I have spent a lot of time together and shed a lot of tears. Well I put Nancy on the list to get an invitation for my shower. You know not really thinking that she would show or do anything with the invitation, but just to let her know I was thinking of her and would like for her to enjoy this time with us. If that makes sense. Well to my surprise I get a box today. DH and I are both looking at each other like did you order something, I said no, he said no so I open it. Its a shop n learn cart cover off my baby registry and it says Congratulations, I'm so happy for you, Nurse Nancy. I was over the moon. How freaking sweet was that!!

Another surprise gift I received was from a friend on FF named Amy. I was totally surprised! She never asked where I was registered or anything so I was completely shocked when I read the little gift card, it was too sweet. She sent me a 2 piece Poohbear towel hoody set and a Poohbear hoody and washcloth set. Sooooo sweet!

Another surprise gift came a few months ago from my fellow friend/blogger Christina. A wonderful book on what to expect for the first year and this soft soft...did I mention soft (the kind of soft that makes you just want to keep rubbing your hand over it) pink Pooh blanket that I want to keep for myself. Just playing! I'll let Miracle use it a little bit and keep it for myself the rest of the time! ;o)

I feel so honored to be surrounded by so much love! And to be surrounded by so much love from TRUE FRIENDS who I have never actually met face to face but I feel like I've known them for years.

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