Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Egg Retrieval

Well we had to wake up bright and early this morning to be at the doctors office at 6:45 AM. They started out by giving me an IV bag and said that I had to finish two before I could leave. They did this because my E2 numbers were sky high so they said I run the risk of getting OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) but I've been praying against that anyway. So I sat there as the IV started and they came and got me and told me to empty my bladder one more time and to kiss hubby good-bye. So I went into the operating room and laid on the table and put my legs up into the little holster thing and the nurse with the drugs came back in and she said I'm starting the anesthesia into your IV....Immediatley after I was out and I came too when the nurse was like okay sweetie we're done and I was like you already started, they laughed at me and said yes, we're done. I didn't realize I went out so quick. But she was like yes, we're done and everything went good and we got 16 eggs. I was like okay great, and fell asleep again. They rolled me into recovery while I was trying to come to, shortly after they went over things I had to do when I got home and they wheeled me out to the car. Adr!@n and I stopped by this Chic-Fil-A place I have grown to love. Its not like a normal Chic-Fil-A but more like a Waffle House because they serve breakfast all day and all types of breakfast food. I got a waffle and some country ham. We then went by Walgreens to pick up the rest of the medicine I have to take and I came home and updated my Fertility Friends and took a nap. Thats been our day. Now we are about to do the PIO shot in the hip. This is different than the trigger shot but must be done everyday in the hip until I am 8-10 weeks pregnant. So thats why I said that hip needle was the first night of many.....hopefully I will start to get used to it and it won't hurt as bad as time goes on.

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Kim said...

Congrats on making it through ER! I hope you get a good fertilization report. :) Good luck to you.