Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2nd shot down

Well tonight will be my second Depot Lupron shot and I'm looking forward to it. Crazy I know...but the quicker they go the quicker I will get to my next cycle. I'm actually looking forward to it (my next cycle that is). I've been on a break since Sept and I'm ready to get back in....I got that itch again.

Depot Lupron hasn't been that bad to me. With the Depot Lupron it makes your body think you're going through menopause and you get the same side effects with it. But the only ones I've really had are hot flashes and headaches. My RE said that he could put me on some add back estrogen but its not that serious. Thats the reason why I'm on Lupron to rid my body of the extra estrogen that feeds my Endo so I'll be a trooper and take the hot flashes!

I will speak to my nurse Tracy tomorrow to go ahead and get my appointments scheduled for February so I can work it out with my job schedule. But starting with my 3rd shot I will be on estrogen patches and prometrium so that I can do a mock cycle to complete another Endo Biopsy and my RE also wants me to get another SHG. All these things were done in November but he wants to do them again right before we cycle to make sure everything is still good....so I'm cool with that.

I have an appointment with the hematologist on January 27th and I'm anxious to talk with him to see what he thinks I may need to do. My RE said depending on what the hematologist thinks I may need to take Lovenox injections for either the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or the entire pregnancy. If I have to do it....bring on the needles....I just want a take home baby or two.

March is coming around slowly but surely and I'm getting excited.


Alison C said...

Glad your handling the shots well! I guess I'm just unlucky like that :) Only 1 more for you, wooo hoo! I wish there was someone we knew on depot lupron cycling a week before me, so I could get a feel for how it will go! I'm so nervous my body will be so shut down.

BTW, I haven't received the email? Did you send it today or a while ago? My email is alisonacarlson@gmail.com

Michele said...

You're a trooper! The shots, to me, are one of the hardest things, although completely worth it. I remember crying for my first shot! Peter had to practically force me to do it! Of course, now it feels like I'm an old hat. And sometimes, even that makes me sad.

We see our doc Feb. 9th. I'm really nervous too and trying to get excited again. But it's hard. The fear takes so much out of you, you know?

Sending my prayers and warm hugs!

Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Creme list.

The shots are not the most fun thing in the world -- I'm currently doing shots for IVF #6. I did Lovenox with IVF #5 and it is the cycle that actually worked and produced a child. It is no fun to take shots for that long and my belly was one big mass of bruises -- but I do think there is something about the Lovenox that made it work last time.

I wish you the best of luck with your cycle!