Friday, January 30, 2009

It's working

So I went and gave blood today to check my E2 levels to see if Depot Lupron was working since AF showed and she shouldn't have.

The nurse said my levels was <20. I asked if she had the exact number and she said it doesn't measure anything under 20. So she said no worries its doing what it is supposed to do.


Another good thing is...with a number that low that means no active cyst and I sometimes have issues with thats great news too!

Edited: Thanks Molly.


Molly said...

Hi and congrats to the great news !! But if it's > 20, its actually above 20, not below... Maybe you meant its < 20..? If not, check with your nurse again to clarify !
But again, great news, Im happy for you !!

Michele said...

Yay! I'm so glad that it is working! That is great news!

Molly said...

Hi -

How are you? I found your blog on my friend MammaSoon's site. I also have severe Endo and have been on Lupron Depot before IVF #1. Feel free to follow my blog - I'm currently waiting for AF to show before IVF round 3. Good luck to you this time.


Alison said...

Woot woot! T, that is such a relief! Glad you got that checked out for peace of mind. Still sucks that you are having the breakthrough bleeding though.

fwiw, i had my baseline today and my antral follie count is kicking serious butt! 30% more than my last fresh cycle - and I can thank the lupron depot! Now they just have to get to work :)