Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here on Out...

Okay from hear on out I will be known as Tash!d@ or just T and DH will be known as Adr!@n or just A. DH didn't like the fact that when our names were googled that our blog would come up for anyone to read. And this is my outlet, my journal, my screams and my tears! I don't mind sharing it with you my friends in blog world, but with a name like mine.....some people in my real life may read and know that I'm venting about them! (Maybe that would be a good thing...) LOL! But seriously if work or family every decided to google my name, they don't need to know my intimate thoughts, fears, heartaches and tears - they wouldn't understand and would probably just piss me off, telling me that they did understand.

So to confuse the search engine god's we're switching it up a little bit. So I had to go back through some posts that was making the Goggle top 5 list and change up the names. So hopefully he will feel better now.



Alison C said...

I feel the same way, I started abbreviating my drs. names as well...yesterday I went thru all my old posts to edit and WOW that was frightening reading how optimistic I used to be ;)

BTW, how did you make the decision from Dr. T to S? Location? I'm a little partial to Dr. T and think the world of him :)

Glad to be following your blog again and vice versa, especially since we're cycling on the same protocol so close together. We're doing PGD as well, contingent on how many eggs we get out after the Lupron depot. Prayers that this is the one!

Anna said...

I think that's a great idea.
Happy New Year
and Good luck!


Cassandra said...

Thanks for your comment!

Changing your names into code seems like a great idea, esp. with a name as distinctive as yours. My husband has a moderately distinctive name and I have a very distinctive name, and we are guaranteed to be the only couple with this combo of names in the world, so I had to go with a pseudonym.

Best of luck with your next IVF!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I look forward to reading yours now! Just as a heads up in your blogspot control panel somewhere (I forget where as I moved to wordpress b/c its more private) there is a feature where you can 'hide' from search engines but still be open to the public. Then google can't find you!!

Good luck to you and I hope that ivf is your ticket!!