Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Talking to the Doc...

Good Morning Dr. S,

Tracy called with my results of some of my blood work last night and as always I result to Google to find out just exactly what it means. I wasn't too happy with what I was reading about the Anti-Mullerian results, but its also good to know what we are working with. Everywhere I have read says that my .4 results indicates diminished ovarian reserve and correlated with difficulty conceiving and/or staying pregnant in my case.

I was wondering does having these results in hand, change up anything that we originally spoke about with our future plans as far as protocol and all is concerned?

Is there still a chance I can still conceive with my own eggs with a .4 number?

Thanks in advance

His Response:

Hi Tash!d@

Everyone is addicted to Google but you are smart enough to call and gain perspective!!

The low AMH level validates your prior FSH elevation (I think it was 11.7). But, AMH and FSH "abnormalities" in no way exclude the possibility of a successful pregnancy, even on your own. What they mean is the following:

- More variation in monthly response to FSH shots than the average person (ie: there will be some bad months and, hopefully, some good ones too). The actual outcome is random and unrelated to things you can do. We will use high dose medication to get the most your ovaries have offer in that month.
- Higher chance of cancellation when doing IVF when compared to other patients
- Genetic abnormalities in embryos resulting in miscarriage or Down's syndrome may be more frequent. Miscarriage will be our greatest concern because Down's syndrome, even if increased in frequency, is still uncommon. We'll address this by either doing PGD or transferring a higher than average number of embryos. You will also need to consider testing during pregnancy - even if PGD is "normal".

Hope this helps - by the way, I recently had a patient with an AMH=0.1 successfully conceive with IVF.

Take Care

So that is reassuring.

I emailed DH telling him I felt broke and wanted him to think about donor eggs....his response:

Babe, you are not broken, you are a wonderful woman and god has plans for each and every one of our lives. Let's just wait and see what happens with this cycle before jumping the gun. I know you want a child but I believe that a child should be of his mother and fathers origin. I love you and just be patient for a little while longer.

He's okay with surrogacy, I'm not, I'm okay with adoption, he is not, I would be okay with donor eggs after a lot of thought, he is not. The joys of IF!

So after receiving all of this I decided that its in God's hand and I must leave it in God's hand. I'm just hoping and praying that after all of this, DH and I will not only get pregnant but have a baby to take home at the end of all of this.


Tiffany said...

Very sweet note from your DH. It is in God's hands and I believe he has a plan for the both of us.

Jennifer said...

Your husband is a gem. You know most men wouldn't express themselves the way your husband does. He gets a gold star! You are right, it is in Gods hands but I feel your breakthrough is right around the corner. Just trust, keep your faith, be patient and most of all pray.

Michele said...

I'm sorry, dear. I'm adopted, so it's rough to read some of your hubby's comments. He is right, however, that God has a plan for each of us, in everything. Pray. God will stear you where you should be.