Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2DP3DT - 5DPO - 7DPTrigger - Trigger packing up already?

Thank you all for your encouraging words! You all are the greatest!

So I got some good news today! I remember right before they did my ET they were saying that my outer shell on my eggs were really thick and the sperm probably had a hard time penetrating through. But I forgot to ask if they did assisted hatching to help the embryo's come out the shell. So I was like shucks if they didn't do that then the embryo will have a hard time breaking out the thick shell to even try to implant. I called my nurse this morning to ease my mind and they DID do AH on the embryos. She said yep you signed the paper work saying it was up to them and they thought too because the shell was thick that they would help them out by doing AH....I was like WOOHOO! She laughed at me. She was like so hopefully that will help them out even more! to....praying that helps them out even more.

So my back region was a lot better today. Still had to move slowly after getting up from sitting but much much better than the past two days. I think my butt has realized that this is something that will be around for a while so we might as well get used to it.

On the testing front - I love to test out my trigger.....well I don't know if its a love but more like a habit now. Or maybe even a love hate relationship because the only positive I've ever seen was the positive test from trigger and once its gone it never comes back! I've done it the past 2 times I had a trigger shot and those past two times the trigger left on 7DPO - 9DPTrigger and 8DPO - 10DPTrigger. So imagine my amazement when I took my test this morning and the line was almost null and void. It was very faint and hard to take a picture of. I was like what??? I'm only 5DPO and 7DPTrigger how could that be. But see for yourselves:

This is the test I took this AM - Reminder - 5DPO, 7DPTrigger (Oh yeah I POAS, brushed my teeth, got in the shower, then took this picture so it should have had plenty of time to process as it should.) :
See without your POAS goggles you're probably having a hard time seeing the line but the PRO's I know can see it....because its there....just faint.

So I took this picture after I got home, which is the same exact test, except its now dry:

You can probably see it a little better on the dried test.

But the reason why I'm amazed is that its still so early. Compare to my trigger test from December....same brand of HCG and same amount:

Is that not crazy? I thought it was. I'm wondering now, why did I process the HCG trigger shot, so much quicker this time. Any thoughts?


TrophyWife said...

Hi Sweetie!

Hope you are continuing to stay as mellow as possible, and taking it easy.

Just wanted to let you know . . . I use the blog you visited, the TrophyWife one) for my everyday rantings (though occasionally an adoption or fertility-challenged rant makes it’s way there). I also have a blog that is focused solely on the adoption we have been pursuing. Though NOW that we have decided to do IVF after all (had long resisted it as not being right for us), so you’ll start to see some postings on IVF there, too. Feel free to check it out:

Some of my family/friends read the “trophywife” blog, but do NOT know we are going to do IVF (they DO know about the adoption stuff), so if you wouldn’t mind, any thoughts you have on that topic should stay on the “In Our Own Weird Way” blog (I hope that’s okay to ask?! I find it soooo therapeutic to write about “stuff.”)

I am glad to have met you out in the blog-world . . . it helps to make connections like this :o)


soapchick said...

Fantastic that the trigger is gone. Can't wait to see that second line again....this time with preggo news! Also that is fabulous about the assisted hatching, I've heard good things about that.

Maria said...

Awesome news with the assisted hatching!! Come on babies stick!

That does seem a bit early for the trigger to be gone, but I don't think that it could cause any problems.

I've only ever seen a positive from the trigger too. Sigh.

La La said...

I have no idea about trigger shots...but the AH IS gret news!!! Wooohooo!

Kenya said...

I don't much about triggers but I'm happy for yo that they broke the shells. Keep us posted.