Monday, February 25, 2008

7DP3DT - Is that a FAINT +++ ???

Okay first, thank you ladies for all your support and as you can see after I typed the first post I came to my senses but thank you all for reminding me what I already knew. It always help to slapped back into reality.
And about the FRER, I had the older style test and found out they are not sensitive at all. A girl on one of the boards I was on was using the older style FRERs and the test looked like it was a BFN but then she used other brands and got a bold +++ so the older FRERs are not sensitive at all. Hope that clears it up....I think I confused some of you yesterday.

Okay and for today. I tested this morning and thought once again that I saw the faintest of faint faint line.
Then I tested again tonight and the faint faint line was darker.

Its faint.....can you see it: The top is hard to see the bottom a little easier:
Then one of my friends wanted me to open it up and take a picture:

Then she did this:

So today is 12 days past trigger. I normally get BFNs at 7DPO which is 10 days past trigger which lets me the know the trigger is officially gone. However thats normally it and nothing else happens after that. So to see that tonights test is darker than this mornings test gives me a glimmer of hope that its not trigger because trigger does not get darker.

I won't allow myself to get excited yet, but to think that this 4 year 8 month journey could possible have a new chapter to add, is an amazing thought!

Okay so after I posted this I looked at the pictures and realized that they don't show up worth anything at all. But I left them up anyway.


Kenya said...


wanda said...

Very exciting!!!!!

Kymberli said...

I can see the smudge! I hope it gets darker!

Ms. P said...

Faint is good. Am praying that it continues to darken for you!

Heather said...

Oh YAY! I have lots of hope for you guys!!