Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 6 Stim Day 4.5 Can something go right for once?????

I'm still not responding to the meds. I don't know what the deal is but I'm so freaking tired of going through this nonsense. I didn't have an issue with my last RE with making eggs on a different medicine so I don't know what the issue is now. Right ovary = 10 and 6 small ones and Left ovary = 15 and 4 smaller ones. Lining 6.2. This is day 6 and I should be having a lot better response than this by now especially with the high dose I'm on. My E2 yesterday was only 73 after 3 days of stims.

update: I called my nurse and asked her if we could add in Menopur because I didn't have this issue when I was on Bravelle and Menopur and actually made 16 eggs on that. She was like but we had to supress you for those weeks and I told her that I was on BCPs for 14 days with my first IVF and I still made 16 eggs on Bravelle and Menopur. She said she wasn't sure if Menopur could be added this late in the game but she would ask the doctor about it and see but that I may be able to add it tonight. She suppose to call back and let me know something. They want to see what my E2 is at today.

update 2: Talked to my nurse E2 = 199 and she said thats a nice jump from yesterday so they're happy with that. My doctor agreed to add in Repronex so tonight its 225 iu of Follistim and 75iu of Repronex and 300 iu of Follistim in the AM. My nurse had said that my doctor recommended that they push me as long as they needed to stimming and freeze all the embyos and then do a FET down the line and insurance shouldn't charge it because it didn't make it to ET and I was like not my insurance. My insurance charges the attempt once it makes it to ER. Plus if thats the case I would be using the 2 embies I have on ice rather than trying with a fresh cycle. So that cancelled that idea.

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