Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 7 - Stim Day 5.5 - Slowly chugging along

I'm feeling a little bit better today, I've been stimming for 4 1/2 days and this morning I had in my right an 11 and in my left a 12, 13. Not nearly as much as I had my first IVF, but I guess I can focus on quality over quanitity. The schedule that my RE gave me has women stimming for 8 1/2 days so I still have 4 more days for my body to act right and grow so I'm cool I guess and most women I know stim for 10 days so if thats the case I still have 6 more days! Maybe after so many struggles to get somewhere I can get my doctor to reconsider and transfer 3. She was really adamant about it before about only doing 2 because of my age, but my body has proven itself to all that it does not act like a 25 year old but more like a 50 year old! I just have to wait till later this afternoon to make sure that my E2 number doubles and ups as it should.

Update: Guess I barely made it. My nurse called and said "you made it" I was like I didn't know I had a limit. I said if I wasn't at a certain level today were they gonna cancel me and she said yes. I was like oh - but she said you made it. Back in tomorrow. Oh E2 was 298 today, yesterday was 199. My body really does not like this follistim.....but I guess!

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