Monday, February 11, 2008

Stim Day 10.5 - Getting Close

E2 = 1642

I found out yesterday's E2 and it was 1,118

Todays report: Lining 11mm Right = 16,14,13,12,12,11,11,10 and Left = 14,14,13,13,13,13,12,11,11,10,10

My nurse still wasn't sure when I would trigger so either tomorrow or Wednesday. She said we should know for sure after my ultrasound tomorrow. I had my acupuncture appt today, it was really good and relaxing. I will have one more before retrieval and if we do a 5DT I'll have another session two days after transfer. He said they don't do acupuncture on the day of transfer but around the time implantation should be taking place.

I feel so much better about this cycle now, I was really starting to stress out about it and thought I was going to have to cancel again, but my body finally decided to respond.

Thanks ladies for all your well wishes, it does mean a lot.


Lea Bee said...

about to trigger! that is exciting. wishing you lots of mature eggs.

soapchick said...

Tashida - nice to read that you are in a happy place. God bless you.

La La said...

OH, so exciting. I can't wait to hear about your ER!!

PS Email me at & I'll send you the password. =)

Maria said...

So far, so good. Your lining is really great!!

This is so exciting!!